Captain America #15 Review

Story:Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jason Masters

Art: Matt Milla, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Alex Ross


Release Date: October 16, 2019

We take a little break from headlines and politics ripped from the headlines this month, and instead focus more on Steve and Sharon’s relationship, all while Steve and The Daughters Of Liberty chase down a cop killer – We get a villain we haven’t seen in quite a while, and a good setup for why they are back causing trouble for Steve. Who is it? Read on below!

Straight out of a seedy gangster movie, a cop is gunned down in cold blood while a monologue talks about Brotherhood and trust. A slim figure in a trench coat finishes off the cop near what looks like an ’87 Buick, as if you had any doubt he was a cop! Meanwhile, Cap and The Daughters review the intel they have on the Power Elite – Some big names: Fisk, Crossbones, and in the first blast from the past Aleksander Lukin and his Daughter…. er, Wife. They discuss the ins and outs of an older man and a younger woman. Oh, Snap! All eyes turn to Steve and Sharon.

Steve and Sharon get into a bit of a tiff about their relationship, secrets, and in timing that could only happen in comics or a sitcom- Steve’s Ex (and his lawyer) rings. She needs to see him right now! That’s timing. She gives him an address, and when he arrives, the Daughters are fighting a group of Watchdogs. Steve and Sharon kiss, make up, and while the Daughters work connecting the dots between the killed cop, the Power Elite, and the Watchdogs, they see who killed the cop, and it’s a face we haven’t seen in a long time! No Spoilers here!


Coates this month zooms in a little, and we see some of the complicated relationships between Steve and Sharon. As usual with Coates, when he sets aside the big political themes and instead focuses on his own story (as opposed to cleaning up Secret Empire), the book really picks up. There’s no heavy-handed political themes, only a mission Cap and the Daughters would absolutely be in the middle of. Plus, a good setup for a classic villain making this issue is easily the best in a few months.


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