Yondu #1 Review

Written by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler
Art by John McCrea and Mike Spicer
Lettering by Joe Caramagna

Released Date: November 6th, 2019


When the rebellious ne’er do well Yondu Udonta’s ship gets damaged after stealing a priceless artifact, he’s forced to wait around on a planet that knows all about him. Good thing he chose the extended warranty on his solar sails! When future Yondu comes back, will our roguish outlaw who plays by his own rules be shown the way of the peaceful warrior? Or will he just tell his future self to flark off? Let’s sail in and have a look.

On the planet Oorga, we catch up with Yondu stealing fuel. That’s a big no-no, and he’s chased back to his ship, but not before it’s sails are damaged by blasters. Apparently, he thought to get the purchase protection extended warranty, because Yondu sets off, stopping to give his old Ravagers teammate Kraglin a lift. Bad news: Kraglin is dead. Good news: the Macguffin…err, Herald’s Urn is just lying there. Future Yondu is awakened and travels back to show present Yondu the way.

We travel to Eiffle 66, where Yondu drops his ship off and waits around, doing manly space pirate stuff like reading a magazine, getting a pedicure and drinking. On his way to fleece the MacGuffin, he’s arrested by Oolga police, but future Yondu jumps in and uses the Centaurian whistle arrow to save present Yondu’s hide. Present Yondu is having none of the lectures on kinship and honor and kicks future Yondu off his ship and blasts off. Meanwhile, space gangsters are tracking him and his urn.

I don’t really know Yondu very well, the cosmic side of the MCU has never really interested me all that much. Did this book do anything to change that? No, not really. It’s a rather formulaic and cliché space heist tale with an equally cliché bad boy anti-hero who plays by his own rules and who swears fake swear words nearly every panel. The art is above average, as some panels are highly detailed and some smeary and uneven.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t already know the space side of Marvel and care about C-list “heroes” like Yondu, there isn’t much here for you.


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