Captain America #22 Review

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates & Bob Quinn

Artist(s):Matt Milla

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover(s): Alex Ross

Release Date: 19th August,, 2020

Price: $3.99USD

Warning: Spoilers!

Spoiler: General Ross isn’t dead, which means that Cap couldn’t have killed him, which means It’s all a big swindle (Ironically, exactly how this book is beginning to feel). The daughters FaceTime with General Ross, alive and mostly well thanks to some LMD Shenanigans, and we Cap, Bucky and Falcon get a smack down by Selene and her gang of flying monkey men. We close with another WOW! Moment that falls flat, yet again. Let’s jump in and see what this issue has for us.

Thunderbolt Ross Isn’t dead! Sharon and the Daughters FaceTime the General, and due to some LMD shenanigans, he’s back with synthetic flesh, blood and bone. At least he kept the moustache and vaguely racist/xenophobic attitude about “Russki’s” a lot of older men with a massive moustache in chinos have. Alexa has been manipulating the President this whole time. Ho hum. You’d think cell reception would be better in Madripoor, but the signal dies.

We jump back to Adamsville- where Cap, Bucky and Falcon are getting beat by a bunch of out of shape middle aged men in flannels and trucker hats and some humanoid gargoyle men. Selene joins in the melee before we are back to The Daughters Of Liberty, where Agatha Harkness teleports in from Wakanda with Shuri. Sharon monologues about being her own woman, and being sick of people always having to save her. Wait, What?

Back in Adamsville, Selene is facing Cap one on one, eventually beats him, bites him and her flying monkey men lift him off. We end with A portal opening, and Shuri and Sharon Carter… wearing Extremely patriotic Iron Man-Esque armor as she monologues (via dialogue boxes) something about living and dying and how she plans on not taking the armour off. Let’s hope it’s air conditioned!

I’m no Comics-gater (in fact if we’re being honest I don’t exactly know what comics-gate is…) nor am I a social justice warrior. I had to stop to wonder if I should even critique this book by asking “What is happening here? Why is Sharon Carter in Iron Man armour? Why on earth is Shuri here? It seems like Ta-Nehisi Coates is just pulling every B/C list female in the Marvel Universe to come save Cap’s skin yet again. It was the Daughters Of Liberty that Broke him out of Prison about 10 issues ago, and basically have done everything in this book to move it forward as Cap Keeps on keepin’ on in spite of himself. I don’t know who this Sharon Carter is, but the fact has always been that Sharon Carter, despite having NO powers or enhancements has been able to keep up with Cap (and sometimes be better than him). So where Sharon gets off complaining that she has to keep being saved is coming from – literally out of nowhere- is so forced to get her into armour one page later.


Coates is better than this! I keep waiting for this book to finally find it’s feet but every issue plods along with WOW! Moments that keep falling flat.


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