Valkyrie Jane Foster #4 Review

Written by: Al Ewing & Jason Aaron
Art by: Cafu, Jesus Aburtov and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 23rd, 2019

A Valkyrie just can’t get a nice day off, can she? Jane and her roommate Lisa have the day off – instead of getting facials and drinking wine coolers, they decide to get some culture (and not just from the Weird Science Pop Culture podcast, either) checking out a lecture about archeology from Dr. Annabel Riggs. If the darn Millenials Haven’t ruined the subway, that is… meanwhile, Mephisto himself spends his day off perusing old contracts to find a loophole for some devilish purposes. Let’s check out the red hot filing cabinet action and see what’s aflame.

SO Johnny Blaze is king of hell, and Mephisto is stuck in Vegas on a form of house arrest. At least he’d be used to the heat, right? Mephisto is dreaming up a devilish plan involving the Grim Reaper and some legalese buried in a contract with Hela from who knows how long ago about his crew becoming the new Valkyrie if the Valkyrie are no more. Fresh off War Of The Realms, now is a convenient time to remember that particular contract! Does this guy know how to party or what?

Meanwhile, back at Jane and Lisa’s apartment, despite having a no pets clause in the lease they are looking after a winged pegasus she inherited after dispatching Bullseye last issue. He talks smack, he flys, and he loves carrots. Pretty much a battle-trained Mr. Ed, he is!

Now, since Jane didn’t technically deliver Heimdall to Valhalla, there’s a chance The Grim Reaper can beat her to it and claim the title. There’s always a catch with these legal types. Delayed on the subway, they arrive at the lecture only to be interrupted by Dr. Strange, with some bad news about the mirror Annabel is talking about. In a rare celestial event, some bad stuff is about to happen exactly… now? Three lame C-list Dr. Strange villains step through, Only to be seemingly dispatched by Dr. Strange and The Valkyrie, until The Grim Reaper appears to have captured Dr. in the weird ancient mirror.

Final Thoughts:

This book up until now couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a serious Thor-esque book with all the pomp and pageantry or a funny book that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This issue goes full out funny – and picks up because of it. Some funny gags peppered throughout, as well as some corny dialogue clearly meant to be corny for corny’s sake. We get a self-contained, organically done recap on the last few months of Jane’s life – and a villain that seems worthy of taking on such a powerful character and her weapon of convenience. This was the best issue yet, and I only hope Jason Aaron and Al Ewing decide to continue the light-hearted tone after this arc is over.


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