Marvel Comics best covers of the week of November 13th, 2019

Read on to see the best covers of the week as picked by the Weird Science Marvel Comics staff!

Star Wars #74

Writer: Greg Pak

Cover Art: Phil Noto

Chewbacca and Darth Vader locked in hand to hand combat?!? This can’t end well, can it?? Well we know that Chewbacca will make it to Hoth ok, but that doesn’t make this cover any less intense! I for one can’t wait until issue 75 to see how this epic battle will end.

Chosen by Weird Science Marvel Comics @WSMarvelComics

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Black Cat Annual #1

Writer: Jed MacKay

Cover Art: J. Scott Campbell

J. Scott Campbell takes great care in an obvious homage to the Peter/MJ wedding cover from the Amazing Spider-Man annual from 1987

Doc Ocks arms re-creating the heart from the original are the perfect touch!

Chosen by Dispatch @dispatchdcu

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Morbius #1

Writer: Vita Ayala

Cover Art: Kyle Hotz

I’m a huge fan of horror comics and NOTHING sets the mood for horror as much as a Kyle Hotz cover! Fog, bats, lamplight, and a vampire. What more could you want??

Chosen by Thor’s Mallet @acnbat

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X-Men #2

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Cover Art: Leinil Francis Yu

What would a Summers family trip be without Scott, Kid Cable, and Prestige getting a chance to flaunt their powers? This cover is just a preview of what’s to come in this great issue.

Chosen by Wolf Cypher @WolfCyphr and Tony Walton @waltgator93

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Punisher Soviet: #1

Writer: Garth Ennis

Cover Art: Paolo Rivera

Nothing can set the tone for a comic series more than a scowling Frank Castle brandishing a smoking shotgun!!

Chosen by Stork @BesottedGeekPod

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