Punisher #2 Review

Written by: Jason Aaron Art by: Jesús Saiz, Paul Azaceta Colors by: Dave Stewart Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit Cover art by: Jesús Saiz Cover price: $3.99 Release date: April 27, 2022 Punisher #2 unveils the true nature of the Beast to Frank Castle as his evolution into the Fist grows increasingly demonic. Meanwhile, another Murder God makes plans to put Frank in his place. … Continue reading Punisher #2 Review

Sabretooth #3 Review

Written by: Victor LaValle Art by: Leonard Kirk Colors by: Rain Beredo Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit Cover art by: Ryan Stegman, J.P. Mayer, Frank Martin Cover price: $3.99 Release date: April 27, 2022 Sabretooth #3 begins Victor Creed’s bid to not only free himself from Krakoan prison but to plant the seeds of rebellion among Krakoa’s citizens. Was It Good? Sabretooth #3 is the … Continue reading Sabretooth #3 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

Written by: Zeb Wells Art by: John Romita Jr. Colors by: Scott Hanna Letters by: Marcio Menyz Cover art by: John Romita Jr. Cover price: $3.99 Release date: April 27, 2022 The Amazing Spider-Man #1 follows Peter Parker after he returns to NYC after a 6-month absence following a catastrophic event in Pennsylvania. When he arrives home, he finds he’s on the outs with all … Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

Moon Knight #3 Review

Written By: Jed MacKay Art By: Alessandro Cappuccio Colors By: Rachelle Rosenberg Letters By: VC’s Cory Petit Cover Art By: Steve McNiven, Frank D’Armata Cover Price: $3.99 Release Date: September 22, 2021 Moon Knight #3 finally shows the right hand …err, fist what the left fist is doing as Hunter’s Moon arrives to put Moon Knight back on Khonshu’s path. when vampires under Mon Knight’s … Continue reading Moon Knight #3 Review

Maestro: War and Pax #2 Review

Maestro: War and Pax #2 Review – The Maestro thought he was the biggest supernatural force left on the planet – but he’s not the only would-be immortal around! The Pantheon sees all…including a Hulk too powerful to leave. Check out the Maestro: War and Pax #2 Review HERE! Continue reading Maestro: War and Pax #2 Review

Wolverine #10 Review

Wolverine #10 Review – Wolverine gets into a jam with his old Team X compatriot Maverick but the reunion won’t last long. Check out the Wolverine #10 Review HERE! Continue reading Wolverine #10 Review

X-Men #18 Review

X-Men #18 Review – When the Shi’ar Empire asks the X-Men for help, Cyclops, Storm and Marvel Girl answer the call. Check out the X-Men #18 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Men #18 Review

Cable #8 Review

Cable #8 Review: Cable gets together with his – *ahem* – intimate friend Domino long before they ever met! Will it be a fortunate encounter? Or has Cable met his match? Check out the Cable #8 Review HERE! Continue reading Cable #8 Review

Immortal Hulk: Flatline #1 Review

Immortal Hulk: Flatline #1 Review – When a new gamma-powered villain shows up in a small New Mexico town, Bruce is forced to confront the source of his anger… and it’s not what you expect. Check out the Immortal Hulk: Flatline #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Immortal Hulk: Flatline #1 Review

X-Men Legends #1 Review

X-Men Legends #1 Review – Fabian Nicieza kicks off the series with a special saga of CYCLOPS and HAVOK, as the SHI’AR return to Earth in search of the FORSAKEN ONE! But what secret will the Summers brothers uncover, and how will its revelation change what you thought you knew about the X-Men? Check the X-Men Legends #1 Review HERE! Continue reading X-Men Legends #1 Review