Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 Review

Well with Miles getting wrecked from the last story arc, where does it leave readers now? Fans would assume it may just be a simple cool down issue. But, this issue has been the talk of the town since the cover was revealed. A name like Ultimatum is a big name with all the baggage it brings to the table, especially when you take into consideration that the universe Miles comes from was the Ultimate Universe. Not only that, fans see the Ultimate Universe’s Green Goblin and someone behind him that looks like Giant Man. Welcome readers to a book that is celebrating it’s 250th issues and is packed so big that it has to have a second story in it. Immediately from the cover, Miles fans see that it appears to be the origin of Starling. I will admit, prior to reading the issue, that didn’t excite me. But enough talking, let’s dig in and see what we have here… Continue reading Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 Review

SECRET WARS #2 Retro Review (2015)

As the last issue came to an end, fans saw a valiant effort by Reed Richards 616 to save his family, as well as many scientists and figureheads of ”their” Marvel Universe to repopulate the human race. However, Reed’s lifeboat was ripped apart sending his family to their death inches away from Mister Fantastic’s fingertips. Additionally, all parallel world’s have been destroyed and a bright nothingness is all that remained, except for one image as issue one ended… the image of Doom! With at least 7 issues to go, what’s next in the story with absolutely nothing in existence? Let’s go take a look! Continue reading SECRET WARS #2 Retro Review (2015)