Marvel Comics Best Covers of the week of October 9th, 2019

Read on to see the best covers of the week as picked by the Weird Science Marvel Comics staff

Powers of X #6

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Cover Art: Skottie Young

Skottie Young continues with amazingly funny and cute covers with this cover of an obviously oblivious Wolverine. The humor and levity these covers bring are a complete 180 from the very deep, but great story!

Chosen by Dispatch @dispatchdcu

Check out the full review here.

Powers of X #3

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Cover Art: CAFU

In this character decades variant, there isn’t much to say that the cover doesn’t. It’s just one of Marvel’s most famous characters in his various costumes throughout the decades. And with Wolverine being one of my favorite mutants, this is one of my favorite covers in a long time!!

Chosen by Thor’s Mallet @acnbat

Check out the full review here.

The Amazing Spider-Man #31

Writer: Nick Spencer

Cover Art: Ryan Ottley

In this Absolute Carnage tie-in, we’re shown a brutal battle scene between a Carnagized Norman and a battle-damaged Spider-Man. I’m a big fan of damaged costumes. They show that in this case there’s a real person underneath. It makes them feel more “human” to me.

Chosen by Wolf Cypher @WolfCypher and Pauly P @PaulyPMC

Check out the full review here.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #11

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Cover Art: Mike Hawthorne

We’ve got a great action sequence between Miles and Ultimatum. The color scheme of Miles’ costume always draws my interest! But who is Ultimatum?? Check out the full review here to find out!

Chosen by Tony Walton @waltgator93.

Contagion #2

Writer: Ed Brisson

Cover Art: Juan Jose Roy

This fast-paced weekly series focuses on our “street-level” heroes for a particularly good reason. Here we see Power Man and Iron Fist battle their way down Yancy Street. Despite what Eric Shea @EricLShea says, the zombie craze hasn’t died yet!

Chosen by Hot Claws Wolverine @ChefHigh

Check out the full review here.

All these and more out this week at your Local Comic Shops! Go check them out as well as our awesome reviews at Weird Science Marvel Comics.

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