Miles Morales: Spider-Man #11 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artists: Ze Carlos and Ig Guara
Colorists: Dono Sanchez-Almara with Protobunker
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 9, 2019

Well after finding out Miles Morales from this universe is back with a new name and a Giant-Man type suit, can Miles (Ultimate Universe Miles) get to the bottom of this? It seems like just when the book has reached a point that should be Mile’s breaking point, something new and dangerous occurs. It seems that every story arc is about 3-4 issues. I hope this breaks it and we get a nice 5-6 issues to tell this story! Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We open up this issue with Miles doing what he does best, kicking butt and taking names! I will say this for a Spider-Man book, you can never say there was a lack of action. Every issue we see Miles kicking butt with great action sequences. Plus, we see a strange move he does with his Venom Blast that kind of reminds me of a Dragonball Z move. But then all the action stops when someone sets off a bomb and that is all we get from that. The opener definitely got my attention but it felt like it was missing something. Whether it was just a tad bit more detailed or something, but surely it needed something.

The next day, Miles informs his roommates that he has a bad feeling about his uncle and thinks he is in danger. This went over very nicely for me and it didn’t feel too forced. Right there you get where Ahmed is going with Aaron.

Strangely enough, Barbara comes into the conversation out of nowhere. Now, due to the reveal we got from the last issue, I have a feeling throughout this story arc, Miles will finally tell her what she already knows; he is Spider-Man and most likely it will be when she is in danger.

Furthermore, Ahmed does a great job of making things natural as well as setting things up for the future issues. Later, when Miles has to find other ways of transportation, everything flows together nicely. Additionally, when Miles is on patrol, we see him with another set of criminals that are wearing the same suits from before, which all look like Ultimatum’s suit. Plus, they came prepared, even when Miles becomes invisible, which I love! This means their boss (most likely Miles of Earth 616), has been doing their research on Spider-Man.

Now, how did Miles get his next information? I am on the fence about that. The bad guy spoke partial in Spanish and thankfully Miles speaks Spanish. But, I wish they had in editor’s note. Miles follows the lead he received to a rooftop and lands on the same rooftop as someone with a gun ready to rock.

Final Thoughts:

I will admit, first time reading it I read it fast but the second time when I read it I enjoyed it so much more and appreciated Ahmed’s work better. The art is once again, amazing! I was expecting this book to answer some questions about Ultimatum but I’m hoping this is a 5-6 issue story. If that is the case then I am okay waiting for an issue or so. I highly recommend this issue! The dialogue, story, and art proves why this book is happening.


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