Dead Man Logan #5 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art Team: Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, VC’s Cory Petit

Release Date: March 13, 2019

Cover Late: $3.99

Dead Man Logan has been a fun series, full of twists and turns I didn’t expect, after a pretty basic introductory issue.  Brisson has done good work for a long time on this character, here working with Mike Henderson, the pair have been giving Old Man Logan a very solid send off.  Lets discuss and find out how all these latest shenanigans play out in this months issue shall we.

As the Blackbird goes down the team traveling to the Neo-Hydra base become separated over the area, most important to notice is Mysterio who weasels away quickly at the start, which eventually leads to the all out craziness that goes on throughout the rest of this issue. Logan, the X-Men, and Hawkeye all eventually link back up, as they begin fighting their way into the Neo-Hydra base, however they find themselves far from the only ones with an agenda on their hands here.

Mysterio’s presence is quickly felt inside the base, he projects Old Man Logan and Jubillee’s image onto Sin and Crossbones, which leads to Crossbones taking lots of bullet damage from his own agents. This holds the two villains up enough to be confronted by the X-Men, leading to what I can only assume is a very purposely confusing conflict, ending with what appears to be Logan finally killing Mysterio for betraying them all once again. Even the other characters helping along the way, and the villains there, seem convinced Logan finally “did what he does best” as they leave the base stealing an enemy aircraft to get out of dodge, and ‘Mysterio’s’ body behind.

This whole scene of the book I’ve been through several times because it truly throws me for a loop. The best I can make out of it myself is that it seems like Mysterio got away pretty quickly at the start of the issue. From there, he was able to influence what people we’re seeing at times throughout the book, forces characters into fighting within the base long enough to distract them, so he could get away clean.  In the end we get a pretty huge cliffhanger where it seems that Logan and everyone else all think Mysertio is dead, yet Mysterio himself seems to have weaseled his way back into the insane asylum he was discovered in to begin with. I’m not sure where we’re headed from here with this thread because it seems like we’re moving on but Mysterio seemingly getting the best of everyone in a five issue story is an interesting way to end everything if you ask me.

I really really enjoy the art by Mike Henderson and Nolan Woodard and find it to be a great fit to close out the overall story of Old Man Logan.  They do a great job with the action and violence portrayed on each page and I look forward to them continuing on with this series. Not to mention I love the faces they give Glob in the scenes he finds himself in. How they keep spotlighting him with the same type of grin over different scenes has sincerely tickled me.

Overall, Dead Man Logan continues to be a book that tests what you anticipate will happen going into each issue and I find that to be something unique from the big two keeping me intrigued in this title as a whole.  Admittedly the middle of the book gets to be mildly confusing, and you need to pay attention to whats going on, keeping close track of who is who, but by the end you appreciate the chances the creative team is taking with its storytelling. Dead Man Logan remains pretty high on my list of go to Marvel titles at the moment giving Old Man Logan the send off he deserves.


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