Dead Man Logan #7 Review

Logan was sent back to the Wastelands, his original timeline, after the first arc of this series having accomplished most of what he set out to do in his time on Earth Prime.  So now that he’s back home and getting accumulated to his surroundings what new trouble will he find himself in now?  Lets discuss.

Writer: Ed Brisson; Art Team: Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, VC’s Cory Petit; Marvel Comics; Release Date: May 1, 2019; Cover Price: $3.99

After wondering the Wastelands for several days Logan stumbles upon a group of gentlemen and the encounter quickly goes wrong, leading to several limbs being amputated, and a new truck for Logan to travel in.  From that point Logan is off, attempting to reach Sacramento with his Mad Max-esque ride, and clearing out any opposition in his way.  All seems to be going as planned until Logan hits Kaiser and his journey is put to abrupt and gruesome halt. Its a good introduction here setting up the next conflict, however if you are struggling with why Sacramento is important, its because that is where Logan’s home was, and where his journey began, dating back to Old Man Logan’s first appearance.

Logan comes to a week later after the bombing still in the town of Kaiser, finding himself prisoner to a disgusting group of people, enjoying a meal at Logan’s expense … yup cannibals. With Logan unable to escape, we linger in this area of the story for a bit, but not much overall progress really happens, and we sort of repeat a bit of the same song and dance over and over, with Logan just helpless.  While not my favorite issue of the series so far it does put our hero in an tough dilemma we are waiting for him to eventually escape from. However its not until help eventually arrives, in the form of another connection to Old Man Logans past, that I really start enjoying what’s going on in this issue again. Its more a personal choice and not necessarily something Brisson is doing incorrectly here, the story isn’t told badly, I just didn’t have much fun seeing Logan being eaten by these monsters, in a series I’ve otherwise found to be a blast.

Now rescued and mobile once again, having left a wake of carnage behind him previously, Dani Cage, who Logan left with the now not so baby Hulk, warns Logan that ‘people will be coming for him’,  and that if she could find him so will they.  Flash back to the crew of Lizard boys Logan initially ran into in this series and we see a Old Man Sabretooth on the trail of Old Man Logan and to be honest I cant think of a better way to start to wrap up this series than an introduction to that story thread.

Mike Henderson and Nolan Woodard do another great job at supplying the art here in issue seven and I still find it to be the perfect compliment to this series right now.  The feel of the Wastelands is spot on, and I love the background details in this series, and world its involved in.

Overall, while not my favorite issue of the Dead Man Logan series, we still get a strong effort here reintroducing readers to the Wastelands in a pretty brutal way.  Logan eventually comes into contact with some story threads that have been left lingering since he left to venture off in Battleworld and Earth Prime, between that and the introduction to a new threat by the end of the issue, I was back on board and excited to see Dead Man Logan go out on a high note when the time comes.


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