Dead Man Logan #8 Review

Written by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Mike Henderson
Colors by: Nolan Woodard
Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 5, 2019

After being turned on to this book by Branden on our podcast, I have really been into it. Ed Brisson has become one of my favorite writers and his characterization of Logan got me hooked right from the start. However, I was a little worried that some of the charm might go away once Logan got back to the Wastelands. Well, did it? Let’s see…

The issue opens with Logan driving with Dani and Hulk Jr with all of them trying to get their bearings straight after the craziness they’ve been going through. Well, that’s kind of a lie, Hulk Jr. is busy reading a book on quantum physics. If that was me, I’d be real sick…partly because I can’t read in the car and partly because quantum physics makes my brain hurt!

We cut back to Sabertooth and the cannibals who were using Logan as an all you can eat buffet last issue and there isn’t a ton of story progression here, but I like this Frankenstein’s Monster Victor, and really, these cannibals deserve some karma coming back at them. Plus, I love seeing Sabertooth on the trail of Logan.

With everything going on, this issue really is all about Hulk Jr. Dani explains to Logan that people want to capture him to use as a weapon while others want to kill him so he can’t be used as one. However, all the green guy wants to do is eat and read books. I can’t say that I am entirely attached to Bruce Jr. yet since he doesn’t really talk much, but Brisson is doing something to grab me here because when Dani and Logan realize Bruce has walked off somewhere, I did get upset.

The issue ends with the reader seeing how far some people will go to eliminate the threat of another Hulk in the Wastelands, and also showing us why Logan is such a cool character. By the way, if you ever wondered about the visual of the “He’ll rip your lungs out…” line in “Werewolves Of London”, you’ll get that here. It’s a cool play on the classic Wolverine vs Hulk fights that I always like seeing.

The overall story doesn’t move forward much this month, but Brisson does give us more world building and the focus on Hulk Jr. gives us information that is filling in some blanks since Logan left the Wastelands while also setting up the future of the book. I mean, that’s what this issue is…setup, but it was a quick read and I am enjoying it.

I really like Mike Henderson’s art. With the Wasteland being what it is, the focus is on the character models and they look great. The closeup panels let him really show the character emotions and Brisson lets him tell part of the story just through those.

Final Thoughts:

Ed Brisson gives us a setup issue that is more about Hulk Jr. than Logan, but I’m okay with that. With Logan back in the Wastelands waiting to die, Brisson is thankfully giving him something to live for…for at least 4 more issues. Mike Henderson’s art is really good and while this is far from a jumping on point for new readers, Old Man/Dead Man fans should dig it.


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