Dead Man Logan #6 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art Team: Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, VC’s Cory Petit

Release Date: April 10, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

Dead Man Logan has been a book I’ve definitely enjoyed way more than I anticipated, and with the Mysterio arc now behind us, I’m very eager to see what direction Ed Brisson takes to conclude this series. So lets not waste anymore time and start discussing Dead Man Logan and see where he’s taking us.

The issue begins with Dead Man Logan approaching Captain Steve Rodgers and apologizing for the incident that occurred a few days prior.  Steve, being the genuinely good guy he is, forgives Logan as the two have a little chat. We get our first hints that Logan is picking up the scent of ‘someone’ but doesn’t pay it too much attention at this point.

From there our story drifts to our next guest star, Logan’s previous lost love, Mariko.  Logan asks for a favor of Mariko in a scene that will squeeze a few feels out of you really showing that Logan too can be a genuinely good guy. It’s here we really get the idea that Logan is tying up some of his final lose ends before he heads back to the Wastelands for good. As he leaves the apartment he again picks up the scent of ‘someone’ who still cant be seen, extending an invite to the nearest bar, if its something they’d “really want to do”.

At this point in the story there hasn’t been much exciting that has happened but I enjoyed how Ed Brisson was handling Logan’s saying his goodbyes, and was never bored by the experience, an excellent job is done conveying the different emotions Logan is going through.  Henderson’s art is also again a great compliment to the story of this series as he does a great job of capturing the tones of the various scenes on display here.

The book begins its wrap up with the much anticipated meeting at the bar. The “someone” following Logan throughout the issue, that he was sniffing out, ends up being the back from the dead and current timeline Wolverine and another good back and forth occurs between the two before they get sucked into an inevitable bar fight, that wasn’t overly necessary, but fun none the less because we finally got to see these two on panel together in action and it looks great.

We wrap up with Glob Herman again steeling the show, I just cant get enough of how Henderson captures this characters reactions on the page, and it really has become a fun running gag at this point where I look forward to seeing how it will be used again. Of course the X-Men hanging around are the last to say farewell to Old Man Logan, and it really almost chokes me up to see this character I’ve followed so long head back ‘home’ once again, in what would even be a fitting conclusion if you decided to stop here. Of course we still have six more issues to go in this series before it ends, and I’m very excited to see how this all concludes, but if you happen to buy this one six issue trade you get a nicely contained story within without having to make a huge other investment to be satisfied.

Overall, Dead Man Logan continues to be an excellent series, this time with an emotional issue, as we say goodbye to Old Man Logan in the 616, alongside some of his closet allies. Brisson, Henderson, and Woodard have been a great pairing and are giving this character one of the better sendoffs that I’ve read in a long time. A long time investment in the  isn’t even necessary to find the enjoyment needed to enjoy the series so far its been so well done.



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