Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0 (2014) Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli, Christiana Peter, and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 3, 2014

Well recently I have been reading some Hawkeye material as well as watching some TV shows with Hawkeye in it, and boy do I love Hawkeye! His attitude and way of life seem a bit relatable. Now, Deadpool’s way of life is not relatable but it sure is fun to read through his actions and at times his thought process to many things. Now let’s see what these two hooligans of heroes are up to in their book together. Let’s head on the Retro Rover and see what we have in store…

We begin our tale on Halloween night with Jeremy, some kid who really is worried about something involving a USB drive. Apparently, this kid is in some serious trouble as we see him exiting the apartment complex. Some guy with a gun is entering through a window, which we can only assume belonged to Jeremy. So, it looks like we have a general idea of what is going on and crap is going to hit the fan!

Now let’s check out some of the trick or treaters. Apparently, word on the street is that Clint gives out the full-size candy bars… or at least he used too. As we see this year, Hawkeye, I mean Ultron (even though you can’t really tell it was an Ultron Halloween costume), is passing out “fun-size” candy bars. And for some reason, the way Gerry Duggan is writing Clint so far makes him a bit unlikable. But anyway, the next batch of trick or treaters arrives and we see a big group of kids and adults, as well as Deadpool coming along in the group.

Now this side of Deadpool, I mean Dadpool, is not what I am generally used too. He’s very well behaved and could have something to do with his daughter being there, which is an angle I feel is very under looked when a writer is writing Deadpool. Readers can tell that Duggan did his homework on the characters before he took the assignment of this story.

After that gang leaves Hawkeye, the next treater is Jeremy but he just slams the door on him for no reason. After Jeremy heads down the street he bumps into Deadpool. Nonchalantly, Jeremy puts his candy and his USB drive in Deadpool’s Halloween bag. Maybe Jeremy was being followed? But either way, not too long after, gunshots are heard.

Both Deadpool and Hawkeye head on out to investigate the gunshots and it turns out that poor Jeremy didn’t make it. As they fight some dude in a Punisher costume, Clint joins the fight. Not too long after, the fake Punisher takes his life rather than being captured.

After dealing with the cops, Wade and Clint somewhat agreed to work this case together and they come to find the USB drive. So, why is this series called Hawkeye vs Deadpool? Maybe down the line, they will start fighting but right now I don’t see the connection?

Final Thoughts:

Well for an issue 0, it got my interest to keep reading! I really enjoyed Duggan’s voice for Deadpool and Hawkeye, except for that selfie panel early on in the issue. The art was very good too! Whether you are a fan of Hawkeye or Deadpool, I’d highly recommend this issue!


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