Deadpool V Gambit #1 (2016) Review

Writer: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker

Art: Danilo Beyrut, Chris Peter, and Joe Sabino

Release Date: June 22, 2016

Price: $3.99

Ever thought of what would happen if Marvel put two characters with annoying egos and crazy charm together in a team-up book? Well, back in 2016, Marvel made dreams come true! With none other than Deadpool V Gambit, two characters who kick butt on the reg… two characters that always have a comeback… two characters who are more immature than Branden’s young son, Braxten. Let’s hop in the Retro Rover and see what kind of fireworks result…

We begin our story with Wade and Remy running into each other and we get some background of both, but cleverly done by a bystander. This is a classic thing in Deadpool books and I am glad it’s here because it shows right away that Acker and Blacker know what they are doing!

Deadpool and Gambit are going on about a crazy event which does lead to a Daredevil/Spider-Man flashback. While I was excited about seeing Matt and Peter, they’re dialogue was way off. Also, they just start fighting all over the city for some reason. Everything about the scene felt odd and it had the overall vibe of being phoned-in…but there is a reason.

As if that wasn’t enough, at a Farmer’s Market, we see Peter Parker and Matt Murdock hanging out in their regular street clothes. Apparently, word travels fast about “Spider-Man” and “Daredevil” trashing the city….fast and right to the ears of Peter and Matt. The real Matt and Peter!

When we finally see that the phoned-in Spider-Man and Daredevil are actually Wade and Remy, it all makes sense in that lightbulb over the head kind of way. We get another crazy reveal when we find out what the gangs and our two “heroes” have in common.

Of course, we started the issue with Deadpool and Gambit arguing and now we see in the flashback of where it all went wrong. It’s Manipulation to the next level as they got played against each other. In the present, though, the two remember the Spider-Man/ Daredevil gig and just bust out laughing. The issue ends with one of those “one last job” moments where the guy who played them against each other is back for…one last job! It did end up having a bit of the vibe from the current Black Cat book, which isn’t a bad thing.

As for the art, the best I can say is that it was very inconsistant. Like, more than one artist inconsistant…but there is only one artist. I understand changing styles when you jump through different times in an issue, but it still needs to be good. Harsh? Maybe, but so was the art in this issue!

Final Thoughts:

We get some great characters in this issue, but unfortunately, this issue was just average. It didn’t leave me wanting more and really wasn’t much fun overall. That just seems impossible with an issue that has Deadpool and Spider-Man in it! If you are reading the current Black Cat run, you might want to give this a look and see what’s going on. I just hope the next issue is an improvement!


4 thoughts on “Deadpool V Gambit #1 (2016) Review

    1. Trust me, the feeling is mutual! The two characters with so much charm and great fighters, we get this. As well as having Spidey in this issue and just didn’t feel it. Issue 2 review will probably be up either Wednesday or this weekend (depending on how many issues drop this week)

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      1. Luckily it’s on Marvel Unlimited….so it won’t cost me any extra to read it! I’ll be looking forward to the review of issue 2. Keep up the great work!

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