Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1 (2001) Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Jung Choi and Matt Wagner Release Date: April 2001 Price: $2.99 There is only a handful of characters who work best with someone and work best-being solo. Two characters I can think of on the top of my head are Spider-Man and Wolverine. Now imagine those two A-List characters in a team-up book together, your mind is simply blown. And … Continue reading Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1 (2001) Review

Marvel Team-Up #6 – Review and Spoilers

This Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel mini-series comes to an end this week with our two heroes facing off a possibly demented and certainly delusional Walter S Lawson, the hapless scientist whose identity Mar-Vell took all those many moons ago. (Well, everyone did think he was dead, to be fair.) With a Kree Starforce team on its way to Earth to investigate, things look set to get… unpleasant. Let’s find out how things go down… Continue reading Marvel Team-Up #6 – Review and Spoilers

Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers

Carol and Kamala have been tracking down a gang of thieves who have been stealing Kree technology from various Damage Control warehouses up and down the east coast. At the end of last issue, they finally confronted the gang only to find out that its leader is none other than Mar-Vell the long-presumed dead Kree supersoldier whose name Carol now bears. Or is he? Let’s find out… Continue reading Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers

Marvel Team Up #2 Review

Written by Eve L. Ewing Art by Joey Vazquez Colors by Felipe Sobreiro Letters and Production by VC’s Clayton Cowles Edited by Alanna Smith Cover by Stefano Caselli & Triona Farrell   The first issue of this series notable more for its flip format, with two stories converging in one scene in the middle of the book. I really enjoyed it personally, although I felt … Continue reading Marvel Team Up #2 Review