Deadpool the Duck #1 (2017) Review

Writer: Stuart Moore
Artist: Jacopo Camagni, Israel Silva and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 4th, 2017

What do you get when you combine two crazy ass characters into one? Well back in 2017 Marvel gave us that combination when they combined Deadpool and Howard the Duck to give us this strange tale that honestly after three years, has flown completely under the radar. Why is that? Let’s head on over to the Retro Rover and see why this book is worth a second (and third, and forth, and…) Look!

Our story begins with our friendly neighborhood Deadpool and a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Agent Mary where we get introduced to Deadpool’s spirit animal, Wolverine. Like legit the mutant Wolverine, not an animal but Logan. They are in a Safe House where Deadpool is waiting for his targer, but who might that be? Stuart Moore shows right away that he knows Deadpool and the beginning is funny and looks gorgeous!

Next up we see what the other half of our title is up to, Howard the Duck. If you don’t know anything about Howard, don’t worry, Moore gives you the detective vibe from our resident duck and really, that’s all you need going forward.

Of course, Howard the Duck is going to break the Fourth Wall in a Deadpool team-up book and Moore gives us some pretty funny pop culture references here. It all sets up a cool scene when a giant space ship crashes near Howard and out pops Rocket Raccoon! The dialogue between the two is funny and keeps things moving at a nice pace. I don’t know how, but Stuart is turning me into a Howard the Duck fan!

This all leads to Howard getting himself into some pretty hot water, but that also gets our two lead characters together. Yep, it’s up to Wade to save the day! It looks like Logan now has competition in the “Spirit Animal of the Year” contest!

Final Thoughts:

I went from not being familiar with Stuart Moore to wanting him on a Deadpool book right now! This issue was a lot of fun and had me giggling to myself a bunch of times, and the art was great throughout. I highly recommend this issue to anyone who wants a little fun during these crazy times!


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