Ant-Man #3 (2015) Review

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ramon Rosanas, Jordan Boyd, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Idette Winecoor

Release Date: March 11, 2015

Price: $3.99

There is no question about it, whenever Marvel has a movie or show coming out, that project will usually get a mini-series at least. For example, back when Ant-Man came out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, six months before it, they also released a five-issue mini-series. Thankfully I gave the mini-series a try and reading it, I want to go ahead and watch Ant-Man again on Disney+. Let’s head to the Retro Rover and see why I picked this issue to review!

Recap issue 1&2:

Prior to issue three, Scott’s life had been a roller coaster. First up, he was able to land a sweet job working for Tony Stark and it sure would have turned his life upside down! Unfortunately, for Scott, his ex-wife (Peggy) took their daughter, Cassie, and moved down to Florida. Trying to make a new living, Scott thought of the perfect business idea, a security firm! All he has to do is get approved from the bank. What could go wrong…? Being an ex-con surely didn’t help him at all. Thankfully he was able to stop a Nazi Gold-Making Robot from causing havoc… makes sense right? After demolishing the robot, Scott was able to get funding and even hires an employee, a man in a bear suit that was mad at a previous Ant-Man. Totally makes sense-ish… With Scott’s new business up and running, he gets his first client. Too bad for him, Taskmaster is on the other line…

We start our issue with a doctor being tied up, but it’s not just any doctor. She is the same doctor that treated Cassie years ago, Doctor Erica Sondheim. Right here you can already see the story this is going to be very personal. It was already set up how important she is to the Lang family.

Now it’s time to check in with Scott and his company! Whenever Scott talks to the ants, it always cracks me up. It’s the same reason I preferred Groot when he only said: “I am Groot.” . Just the way he acts towards them, they have a weird, but special bond and it really does show how good a guy Scott is.

After a “hard” days work, it’s time for Lang’s lunch break, as he checks in with Cassie. Peggy shows up and just grills him about his life, which is normal Peggy stuff…am I right?!? If Nick Spencer wanted to show us a horrible woman who is Scott’s ex-wife, then mission accomplished! It does a great job of making you feel sorry for Scott.

Once the talk is over, Ant-Man decides to head back to work to see howthings are going. Too bad for Scott, a trap has been put in place and the ants may not be able to help him. The narration works so well and I love the dialogue here so much. Finally, it’s time to meet the new client and of course, it’s Taskmaster and when Ant-Man and Taskmaster get together, that means battle time! And what a battle!!! It is easily a 10/10 on the Battle-O-Meter! The art is great, the dialogue is great, the whole scene is… you guessed it, great! And we even get some overall story advancement with the name dropping of Darren Cross. Turns out Taskmaster was only there to delay Scott, as the bad guys from earlier knew Scott would intervene. They must have watched the A-Team as kids, because that plan came together nicely!

Final Thoughts:

This issue was a great, complete story from beginning to end. The art was good and Nick Spencer really knows how to write Scott. My only realy complaint it I want more with Scott and the ants because what we get is so damn good! I can easily recommend this issue and even if you haven’t read the first two of the series, give this one a try and I bet you will love it!


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