Invisible Woman #1 Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mattia de Iulis
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 10, 2019

This book is one that I’ve had penciled in to review since it was announced. While I am still new to the Fantastic Four in general, any chance to get more is okay with me. So, does this solo book make me like Sue even more than I already do? That’s a tall order, but let’s find out…

We open up ten years ago in Europe and even a dummy like me can get the feeling that this book has an espionage angle right off the bat. Things get hairy right away and if you weren’t sure when Sue would eventually show up, Mark Waid shows you she was there the whole time. Was she invisible? Nope, just wearing a wig and shooting a gun.

As I said up top there, I am fairly new to the Fantastic Four and while I understand that Waid is trying to make Sue’s solo book a unique experience, this opening kind of shows me that this may not be the book for me. I am aware that’s an odd thing to say right away and I will be continuing on with the series, but first impressions and all…

We continue the spy thing enough to establish Sue’s relationship with her partner and while there is a very odd sexual tension going on, Sue thankfully shoots that down. We finally get classic Sue by the middle of the issue complete with a bit of a character recap before heading back to a little spy vs spy action.

The stakes are set when Sue’s old partner is captured and sends her a message and while the CIA says “no go”, Sue gets a helping hand from Nick Fury Jr and away she goes. The issue ends in a cool place with a cool guest star and me wondering why this is even a Sue book in the first place.

While it’s not a total loss, I am pretty down on this first issue. I’m saying it because, after this first issue, you could pretty much insert any character at Marvel into this book and not much would have to be rewritten to make it work. This is the definition of generic storytelling and I really hope it improves quickly. All that said, I was really impressed with Mattia de Iulis’ art which was easily the highlight of this issue.

Final Thoughts:

This was a disappointing first issue of a series I was really looking forward to. It looked great, but the generic spy plot was not engaging in the least. Nothing her screams out Invisible Woman and in fact, she feels a bit out of place throughout. Maybe that’s just me, but Mark Waid is on a very short leash going forward.


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