The Rights to Daredevil are Back at Marvel

Guess what? As of right now, Marvel (basically Disney) finally has the rights to DAREDEVIL from NETFLIX! This means that if Disney “wanted” to #SaveDaredevil, they most certainly could. You see, back in 2018, Netflix decided to focus more on their own series and films than those associated with other companies. Thus, amazingly popular series like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Punisher, and Daredevil went by the wayside.

According to multiple media outlets, the agreement between Netflix and Disney restricted the use of those characters for two years. Now, does this mean the other Marvel shows and characters are also on the market? That is still yet to be determined. However, characters in DAREDEVIL appear to be open season.

So, will Marvel bring back the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen? Maybe. Heck, the entire fourth season of Daredevil was already written. However, bringing back Hornhead may be a bit more difficult than fans might think. Could Daredevil be too hardcore for DISNEY PLUS? And, what about the actors involved? Are they in other projects right now? As painful as this is to say, would it be easier to simply start over and Reboot?

Keeping all of this in mind, we are talking about Disney! Their ingenuity and expertise branches out far and wide. To get around some of these obstacles, they could place these more “hardcore” shows on HULU (which is going for dirt cheap right now BTW). Or, Disney could work around some of the original cast’s schedules. If need be, they could recast some of the other roles gracefully. And finally, there have been rumors of a more “Marvel friendly” Streaming Service down the line that could be more age-appropriate for this content as well.

Daredevil fans, it’s not just all of us that want Matt Murdock back on screen. Many of the cast and crew have made it aware that they want the show to go on! From Vincent D’Onofrio and Deborah Ann Woll to Charlie Cox, many have shown their support in continuing the series. However, does all of this point towards DAREDEVIL coming back? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, I do know one thing that will help. If you’d like to join in on the campaign, go to for information or head to social media with the #SaveDaredevil to spread the word. And let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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