Return of Wolverine #5 Review

Writer: Charles Soule

Art Team: Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Laura Martin, VC’s Joe Sabino

Release Date: February 20, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

Trying to put the pieces together of Wolverine’s Return from death is like attempting to put together a 1000 piece puzzle that you’re friends stole 548 random pieces of, just because they’re jerks, and they like to see you suffer. Now follow me on a journey as I attempt to piece this ‘Resurrection of Wolverine’ together. I think this all started with a Hunt for Wolverine one shot, that spun off into four different Hunt for mini-series, before Wolverine was then sucked into Infinity Countdown, then shuffled off to a Return of Wolverine one shot, evolving to its own Return of mini-series,  then the character appears in Uncanny X-Men, and now this all seems to resume in Wolverine Infinity Watch.  I may have missed one or two books in there because that was from memory, but do you blame me, and wouldn’t it have just been easier to put a Wolverine/Logan title out and call it a day Marvel? Anyway we’re here to discuss the end of this mini, and the official return of Wolverine, but is there any excitement left to be celebrating?  Lets discuss.


The first immediate thing you will notice when you open this book, if you’ve been reading it from the beginning, is there is finally the return of McNiven to art duties, who at least brings a little life and excitement to this stories pages, especially after several pretty lackluster issues of fill-in art. Sure, the art is good but is the story conclusion worth it?  It depends.  This may have been my favorite issue of this mini-series, but I wouldn’t say this series has been good. Basically my argument for liking this issue, a little more than the others, is that at least we get a pretty definitive ending, and we don’t have to chase these boring/cliche story threads any longer.

If you remember last issue Wolverine was taken to space to meet the mysterious Persephone. Wolverine in space sounds crazy right? Like we might get something we don’t always see. However the everything here is pretty standard comic book fare and could have been accomplished anywhere really. We start at the beginning of the issue with the villainous Persephone meeting than revealing her plan to Logan, this results in him turning her deal to him down, leading to the inevitable; Wolverine fighting to take down her Empire and plan.  That’s all, and now he’s back for good. Couldn’t we have done this month’s ago at this point?

Let’s bring up the big piece of cheese hanging off this comics face at this point in time. A huge deal was made of Wolverine getting the ability to use ‘Hot Claws’ upon his return from the grave.  I personally found the concept ridiculous, as did many others, because really when your claws already cut through anything what is the point of making them hot?

Well maybe fan backlash won out in the end, causing them to abandon the concept in this series just by not bringing it up any longer. I recall a brief moment in either issue two or three where the new power actually came into play after its introduction, other than that it was barely touched upon at all in this entire series. This only goes to further emphasize the point that this entire “Resurrection of Wolverine” was a concept cobbled together with the sole purpose of pinching any penny from a Wolverine fans pocket. I just don’t think it was possible any more thought was put into it than that because it feels like it from start to finish.  If I’m wrong I’d love for people to tell me what I’m missing here?

Anyway long story short Wolverine wins the day and ends up on the front door step of what looks like the X-Mansion … or is it? Well folks, you’ll have to cough up another $3.99 for the answers to that in the tie in series, Wolverine: Infinity Watch.

Overall, I sound like I’m bagging on this issue a lot, but it’s not bad at its attempts to wrap up what are a bunch of ideas thrown at a wall, that just didn’t stick or resonate with anyone. The art is a huge step up from what we’ve previously gotten, but the series is a disappointment as a whole, especially for a return of one of Marvel’s bigger characters.  Hopefully this series becomes just a minor footnote in the history of the character, with hot claws in the rear mirror never to be mentioned again.


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