Wolverine: Infinity Watch #4 Review

Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: Andy McDonald
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Leters by: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 22, 2019

I never would have picked up this book if Branden didn’t want to have it on the podcast. However, after reading a couple of issues, I was pretty hooked with the unlikely team up of Loki, Wolverine, and Ghost Dog! Yea, it’s also about the Infinity Stones and all that, but I am just here for the fun and I am having a blast. So, how was this issue? Let’s find out…

After a tiny peek at King Thor and Phoenix Logan at the End of Time, we see that Hector is getting tortured by Tolonar and it’s pretty horrific. I hate needles, but I really would hate needles in my face and swords in my neck! After finding out that Hector is manipulating time a bit, we head off to the best part…Ghost Dog!!!

Yea, we also get Logan, but Bats rules and he is here to save the day. While Tolonar’s plans of burning off Logan’s flesh to get his adamantium is taking longer than expected, Bats runs off to get Logan’s kick-butt bat and there is a little Keystone Cops feel to it that made me laugh.

While that’s going on, Loki (in disguise) has shown up with Tolonar’s mother, but when you are Loki, things like this usually go sideways and they indeed do. It takes Hector realizing that he has more control of the Time Stone than he thought and we get paradoxes, laughs and… TIME COPS!!! While everyone is sorting things out (kind of), Wolverine is bashing and slicing through raptors and the issue ends with yet another big bad entering the fray.

I said it above, but I am here for the fun and there is a lot of it to be had. In that way, I like this almost as much as Donnie Cates’ Cosmic Shost Rider mini and if you’ve listened to our podcast (2 shows a week – Thursdays and Sundays!), you know that is high praise. Gerry Duggan is not taking things so serious here and that might anger some people, but not me. That coupled with cool art by Andy McDonald and awesome colors by Jordie Bellaire make this one of my go to books when it hits the shelves.

Final Thoughts:

I think this book is a bit misunderstood because I am having a blast reading it. I enjoy the art and the characters a whole lot and again…I am having a blast reading it! Did I mention it’s a blast? Well, it is.


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