Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art Team: Andy MacDonald, Jordie Bellaire, VC’s Cory Petit

Release Date: March 20, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

The latest iteration of the story centered around the Infinity Stones seems like one that just refuses to conclude.  We started this journey way back during All-New Guardians of the Galaxy, moved it into Infinity Countdown, then into Infinity Wars and Warps, and now it continues here in Wolverine: Infinity Watch (there is even a couple of one shots and things I know I’m missing). The only reason I’m still here for this journey is because Wolverine, the real version of him, I think, is currently caught back up in this story line, which so far I have found very enjoyable.  So lets get into this madness a little deeper with issue two, and see how Loki and Logan are able to handle the incoming threat of Chitauri leader, Warbringer.

Last issue it was revealed that the Infinity Stones have been hidden inside various, seemingly random people, throughout the galaxy, which will obviously draw the attention of some bad individuals, to places they’re not wanted. Queue Warbringer arriving on Earth, because he senses the Time Stone hidden in escaped prison inmate Hector Bautista, who Logan and Loki are also attempting to hunt down and protect from all this madness, despite his spotty track record as a death row inmate.

So we continue and resume that story concept here as those two groups mentioned above, as well as police, FBI, etc. all are on the hunt for Hector. I really like kicking things off with these beginning scenes of the issue, where Old Thor and Old Phoenix Wolverine pine over a pint, about whether or not the people chosen in the past to help out, will be of any assistance at all. You get the hint quickly we’re jumping right into the action here, with the setup behind us the previous issue, as Warbringer arrives to the scene of the escape and wipes out all law enforcement present, hearing the suspects whereabouts on walkie-talkie.

Meanwhile Loki and Wolverine are coasting through the skies in Loki’s flying Viking ship (where do they sell these I want one) following the police helicopters and traffic copters to the location of Hector. Due to the gift from Phoenix Wolverine last issue, the TimeBat, Loki and Logan are able to keep Hector from using his powers to escape them, however Warbringer quickly comes to breakup the party.  We get a pretty interesting fight scene, where Logan and WarBringer go at it, as Loki chases down Hector from escaping once again. This all eventually comes to a conclusion with a brutal and interesting twist of fortune for everyone involved, I personally found this twist ending very interesting, and makes me look forward to how this story resumes, something I for sure never thought I’d be so excited for going into issue three.

The art is something I’m also really digging especially as the series goes on. All the different characters look great on the page, the action and transitions flow smoothly, and we get a nice mix of humor and brutality to the style that meshes well with the storytelling.  Kudos to the art team of Andy MacDonald, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Cory Petit I hope they stay on this mini-series the whole way through.

Overall, Wolverine: Infinity Watch has been a perfect mix of comic book fun, with solid and compelling storytelling to keep me very invested in the narrative at stake, and some great sequential art.  The story is in the essence of a crazy buddy cop team up involving Wolverine and Loki attempting to right some wrongs in the universe. Its a little bit Bad Boys (Will Smith and Martin Lawerance) and part Cosmic Marvel all mixed together into a fun mash-up I never thought I’d love every minute of.


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