Age Of X-Man: NextGen #5 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Lucas Werneck and Jason Keith
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 19, 2019

Well its the final issue in the 3rd Age of X-man books. What can I expect from this? Probably an ending that doesn’t quite end the story but will fully conclude in the Age of X-Man: Omega book. Which this all started in the Age of X-Man: Alpha book, so why not end it in an Omega book. I will say this, this miniseries did more for these characters that the first 10 issues of Uncanny. I really could careless about them when first introduced in Uncanny but now I genuinely enjoy them and hope to see them again in the future! Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue opens right after the big cliffhanger of last issue, a bomb went off in the Hope Summers Memorial Library. As we see Armor, Glob, and Rockslide rush to Anole’s side to see what exactly happened and to find out why he did it. Was kind of shocked myself that he did do it! Was sure they were going to say he was going to do it but then chose not to however, someone beat him to it. Before we could get answers, Department X shows up. And if you can put the pieces together, you can figure out when this issue took place alongside X-Tremist book.

As the chase rolls on, I realize one major thing, Ed Brisson should have been on X-Tremist! The dialogue is great even if we get a small bit of it! And the chase scene, really makes me hopeful that we see these young characters in the reboot this summer!

One week after everything has happened, the youngsters find a place to relax and stow. Now it is time for Anole to tell what is up with him and that made Glob tell everyone what he knows. Which brings the book back to Uncanny, where they head to the beach or otherwise known as, the place where X-Man changed everything. Feels like this is first time any of the books made reference to the Uncanny run.

But soon the X-men alongside with them Pixie, shows up to take them in. My only gripe would be, the X-men have felt some doubts in this world. If they shared what they know, they could be working together. But feel like communication is happening with the writers, however could be doing a better job.

After the X-men took down the young mutants, its jail time for them! We do get a nice nod of Beast who we already know from the Prisinor X book, he is a major player. One by one, we see the young mutants have no clue who each of them are and to them, they are all strangers. Well except for Glob who has a freak out and needs to write stuff down.

Final Thoughts:

Well this miniseries did have some good issues! And if we do get X-men books besides the ones that are already been announced, really hope we get Ed Brisson back on to write this young team. That Uncanny run, at one point I was hoping they would kill off these young mutants, but now I enjoy them! Now only did I enjoy this team but also Department X, a team who I have yet to enjoy in their own book. The art really made the issue enjoyable as well!


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