Meet the Skrulls #2 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Cover: Marcos Martin
Release Date: March 20, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Well the first issue surprised me! I was going into the book thinking, “At most I am going to just like the issue”. But boy after reading it, I had an enjoyable time reading it and looking at the pages. Which was strange because it wasn’t any action in the book, just got invested in two of the characters, Alice and her dad. As well as having no narration, but were they able to capture that again two issues in a row? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start the issue in the past on Skrull Throneworld, where there is an intense battle taking place with a family smack down on the ground front trying to get safe. We see who one can assume, is a young boy (when they are in their Skrull form, its really a 50/50) watches as a building falls on his father and his mother blasts him off on a a spaceship before she is destroyed alongside their home. Who lands on a farm and is raised by two farmers… wait wrong comic! We actually finds out that the young boy turns out to me Carl Warner, as he is mowing the lawn and thinking about that tragic moment on his home world. Niko does a great job at working with Robbie to help show the emotion and feelings the dad is having.

Later we see Alice, Carl, and Madison just hanging around the house getting ready for their plans for the night. As Madison is preparing for her next task at hand, Alice on the other hand is on social media and checking out her target, Andrea’s, social media page. Unfortunately, she isn’t preparing for her target, instead she is feeling jealousy of her target. With outrage, Madison and Carl try to fix Alice by pointing out that humans are foolish and they simply just give people their location when they use social media, as Madison points out, Andrea will be at the movies with her boyfriend Billy. Alice’s dad tries to take a different approach to Alice instead of yelling at her. He gives her a history lesson on her name. He informs her that she was named after his mother, Alkss. In which it means, strength from wisdom, hoping it would give her the strength she needs to help her tackle her target. Of course right before leaving he throws shade at her, telling her on most days he doesn’t even know she is a Skrull.

We see Gloria is tackling her assignment by securing exits and entrances for when their plan goes in full effect. However, things get out of hand when she is caught and guards are shooting at her. To avoid things from going on longer than they should, she turns into a giant snake like monster with sharp razors coming out of it and giant sharp teeth. But when the mission is a success, to get out of it all clear, she transforms into one of the guards to radio in that the coast was clear and it was all a false alarm. Unfortunately, she had a watch that made her stay the way shape she was for a bit longer, long enough to go on a date with Carl (who not too long ago got information on who is killing the Skrulls and what he looks) like in the soldiers shape

Now it is time for Madison to take on her assignment, to infiltrate Hannah’s house by late shaping into her parents. Sadly for her, Hannah’s parents had plans to go out but instead they had to stay in. Madison later informs her dad the state of her situation and assures him that she has a back up plan. While Hannah is still pissed that she can not have her party due to parents being home, she lets out that she thinks Madison is perfect which apparently, comes to a shock to Madison. They decided to order pizza just for to have a classmate, Caleb ask Madison out to the homecoming dance right in front of Hannah. We then see Madison take her plan into affect by knocking out the family and just retrieving the information she was there to take in her human form.

As for Alice’s night, she took both her sister and her dad’s advice. We see Andrea meeting up with Billy but something is off and you see Billy tell Andrea what’s up and how much of a jerk she is and she does what any psycho would do and gives him a right hand punch. Someone is not who they should be, and we find out it was Billy. Unfortunately, someone was watching her performance, none other than the Skrull killing guy. Alice turns back into her normal human form and confronts Alice, bonding with her. On her way back home she is surprised at the door to find the Skrull killing human waiting for her with electric gloves on ready to attack!

Final Thoughts

Once again we get another issue with no narration, no clue if this is what the writer is known for but it isn’t an issue with this issue, everything was real straight and forward. Really enjoying what we get with Alice, Madison, and the dad Carl. Still wish had more information on the mom, Gloria. I will give Niko and Robbie this, they really do one great job as a team! If you weren’t already invested in the family, you would be invested due to the cliffhanger.


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