Hellions #7 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: David Curiel, VC’s Corey Petit, Tom Muller, Rain Beredo, and Stephen Segovia


Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 2nd, 2020

Mr. Sinister’s team of Hellions are all dead. Oh, the humanity! How will he ever recover? How will the book ever continue without its team? No really… how?! As we all know, Mister Sinister is always up to something. But, what is it now? Let’s dive into HELLIONS #7 by Zeb Wells and see the fallout from X OF SWORDS!

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Once again, the star of the show is Sinister and Wells knows how to write this cunningly devious mutant. Sinister’s wit and devilish charm add such a humorous layer to this series that’s not in any other comic at Marvel. Furthermore, if Sinister won’t do it for you, fans of the X OF SWORDS event get a follow up on the resurrection protocols of mutants that have died in other realms. It looks like something “different” has happened after the resurrection of Wild Child, Nanny, and possibly Orphan-Maker. However, while team members like Greycrow become more comfortable, tensions begin to flare between Kwannon and Havok. Havok knows somethings afoot between Kwannon and Sinister.

Depending on your perspective of the recent events of X OF SWORDS, fans may be ecstatic or frustrated with this issue. If you loved X OF SWORDS, this issue deals very little with the event and the aftermath of the last issue. Still, the focus is merely on the HELLIONS team and getting the band back together. That said, Wells hops right back into the driver’s seat of this story like he never skipped a beat. So, to fans that were digging HELLIONS before the month hiatus, they’re right back into the thick of it. Therefore, this issue’s score and liking may depend on your appreciation of the X OF SWORDS event and how Wells transitions afterward.


Readers, not too much happens in this issue other than a quick reunion right before getting the band back together for another mission. Now, the cliffhanger definitely piqued my attention for the next issue and should speak to long-time X-MEN reader’s interests. Furthermore, this reviewer is intrigued about the angle Wells is taking with Wild Child and Nanny. At some point, we know this will all blow up in the team’s faces. Nevertheless, it’s “how” it’s going to blow up that excites me. And at some point, when will we see Sinister’s true plans with Kwannon’s daughter? We all know he’s up to something. Plus, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention CLIVE. He will be missed… But ultimately, this issue was a bit slow and we had little action until the end. The issue was merely set up, redirection, and regrouping before moving forward after the crossover event. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it doesn’t make for an overly exciting issue. Maybe every X-title will have to go through some growing pains as they jump back into the fold? We shall see.


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