Empyre: The Avengers #2 Review

Written by Jim Zub

Art by Carlos Magno

Colors by Espen Grudetjern

Letters by VC’s Ariana Maher

Release Date 8/12/20

Price $3.99

Internal conflict is this month’s villain and who’s to say we didn’t see this coming? Constantly being reminded of the Kree/Skrull feud that has been around for many many years, the constant use of the phrase “temporary alliance” it was only a matter of time before the Kree and Skrull were back at each other’s throat.

Jim Zub’s “internal conflict” theme was a bit on the nose of this issue, but it worked out for at least the first half of the story. Seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes spread far and wide defending Earth in a time of need is great, it shows organization, it shows experience. Where is the story going exactly and how does this Avengers title benefit the Empyre solo title? Last week we saw some very obvious cash grabs from another publisher in regards to event tie-ins, so what makes this so worthwhile?

At only issue two, I should probably be expecting less for the amount of story, but this title is ending in basically two issues, Empyre: Aftermath Avengers #1, being the last. The last thing I would want is this tie-in to end with no real progression for the main story of Empyre. The main conflict in issue two is with Shanna, but it’s just stretched too thin and too long to care about what should be a jaw-dropping ending.

The worst enemy of Zub is panel progression, midway through the issue, I can’t tell the difference in what is in or out of Shanna’s consciousness. It’s supposed to build tension for our heroes and once again make the ending worthwhile, but not knowing if the last page is real or not doesn’t play as being clever in this instance, it’s unfortunately bad communication in the art process. Carlos Magno and Espen Grundetjern did a great job with the art, every panel looks great, the color pallet, unfortunately, gets confusing in the last 4 pages. The cliche of jumping into Shanna’s mind to save her works, it’s just unfortunate to see this ending fall flat.

Final Thoughts:

An event tie-in should give you perspective on what happens outside the main story, which is what Zub is doing, it’s just unfortunately not entertaining. It’s okay, and even possible, to have a crazy, fun, exciting, and major plot points in a tie-in to create a reason for its existence. Empyre Avengers needs that hook otherwise, there’s no reason to pick this title up. This story is okay, and I like the art, but an Avengers title needs to be more than just okay.


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