Iron Man #4 Review

Written by: Christopher Cantwell

Art by: Cafu

Colors by: Frank D’Armata

Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Release date: 12/16/2020

Price: $3.99

Other than creating Marvel’s most useless mutant ability and making Patsy into a stereotype. Christopher Cantwell really doesn’t move the needle on making this series an Iron Man worth reading.

The first mistake Cantwell makes is starting the issue off with a missing James Rhodes. How did that even happen? The world may never know, because it was simply put into the story to motivate Tony into looking for Korvac. Because of course this seemingly brain dead, numb Tony Stark Cantwell has created needs more of a reason to find the person that just mopped the floor with him and Patsy last issue.

Cantwell placed Patsy in this series to seemingly be Tony’s conscience and strong arm partner. Someone who wouldn’t be another Pepper Potts or Janet (The Wasp). Well, that went right out the window and into the trash. There was no reason for it, but within six pages, Patsy and Stark are doing the dirty. Why? No reason. Was it consensual? Sure. But it ultimately seems like Tony finds his sense of humility only after having sex. Is Cantwell really this great writer everyone claims he is?

Reading this issue three times over still leaves no explanation on what Korvac’s plans really are and why Cantwell has made him into this almost cult like leader full of theology jargon. Cantwell made a poor decision in not showing the readers how Korvac captured Rhodes. Showing more of his motivations would convince readers that Korvac is a worthy villain of Tony Stark.

Cafu and Frank make a great artistic team, and they have been since issue one of this series. Unfortunately art alone can’t sell a story. I understand the beauty of art that is on the page, but it’s ruined by the dialogue and story throughout.

Final Thoughts:

Cantwell has failed to tell a coherent story throughout four issues. Telling the story about the man without the money and armor is just something we don’t need. I’m reading Iron Man, I want Iron Man. I want the armor, the money, the snark. Fun aspects of Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Cantwell seems to be incapable of creating that story.


One thought on “Iron Man #4 Review

  1. Thanks for the review. Glad I didn’t buy this book. I am genuinely shocked to hear Tony has sex at all, let alone with Patsy. Though not by everything else. Korvac should be an Avengers level threat, but Cantwell is just wasting him here.


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