John Walker U.S.Agent #1 Review

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Georges Jeanty & Karl Story

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

Release Date: 11/4/20

Price $3.99

Christopher Priest attempts to create a “D-bag” persona within John Walker the US Agent, and in turn creates an incoherent and racist story that is full of nonsense. From the stereotypical dumb “hillbilles” to the sound of Walker’s shield, this should be the first and last issue of this story. I honestly don’t know whether to call it horrible “comedic timing” or being completely tone deaf to the subject matter. John Walker is not a likeable person, he never has been, recently even being joke/jerk character in “Hawkeye Freefall“. Even if this book was just political, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but for the fact that Priest is leaning into this story with having absolutely zero likable characters, it shows me that there is zero percent reason to purchase this title.

This story has about four or five plot points, none of them relate to each other and none help with the fluidity of the story or panel progression. It’s clear Priest wanted to grab the readers with a bit of shock value with the bigotry of this story it’s just not pleasing or interesting.

The art was not great with this story, which I assume is why Marco Checchetto is the cover artist of this series, Marvel needs something to sell this book, because nothing on the inside will. Bad story and bad art on an issue number one is a major red flag and I hope Marvel sees this. If you want a controversial character like US Agent as a main character in a book that’s fine, making that controversial character a bigot, that’s okay too. But writing literally random words to attempt to create dialogue and a story gives you this type of nonsense.

Final thoughts:

I can’t morally wish unemployment on another human being during a worldwide pandemic, so I won’t. But I can hope to everything within Marvel’s power that this book just disappears after the next issue. This was just a really really bad read from the very first panel to the last.


One thought on “John Walker U.S.Agent #1 Review

  1. Thanks for being one of the few review sites brave enough to call this rotten comic out. I’m a fan of USAgent, but this was just a mess, the character deserves better.

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