Gwen Stacy #2 Review

Gwen Stacy #2 Review: As Gwen, Harry, and Darius try to clear Captain Stacy’s name, Gwen finds herself in the middle of a power struggle for the leadership of the underworld in NYC! And if that’s not bad enough, Gwen is poking her nose around in places that most likely won’t end well for her. At all….. Continue reading Gwen Stacy #2 Review

Star Wars #1 Review

After the Rebellion has suffered the beat down of all beat downs on many fronts in The Empire Stokes Back, Marvel reboots their flagship Star Wars book that will follow Luke’s path to becoming a Jedi master, as well as the Rebel’s plan to save Han Solo. Let’s travel to a galaxy far away and see what happens in the immediate aftermath of The Empire Strikes Back! Continue reading Star Wars #1 Review

Uncanny X-men #266 Facsimile Edition (Gambit’s first appearance) Review

Uncanny X-men #266 Facsimile Edition Review. Gambit’s first appearance is why we are getting a facsimile edition of this but is it any good? Check out our Uncanny X-men #266 Facsimile Edition Review to find out. Continue reading Uncanny X-men #266 Facsimile Edition (Gambit’s first appearance) Review