Marvel Comics best covers of the week of December 4th, 2019

Read on to see the best covers of the week as chosen by the Weird Science Marvel Comics staff!

Annihilation Scourge: Fantastic Four #1

Writer: Christos Gage

Cover Art: Josemaria Casanovas

The Fantastic Four are seemingly in their comfort zone in space. Or make that the Negative Zone!

Chosen by Wolf Cypher @WolfCyphr

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X-men #3

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Cover Art: Leinil Francis Yu

Cyclops and Emma Frost in the Savage Land riding a dinosaur. Nothing else needs to be said!!

Chosen by Stork @BesottedGeekPod

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Venom 2099 #1

Writer: Jody Houser

Cover Art: Clayton Crain

This cover has it all! A great logo, and close up of a new Venom!!

Chosen by Tony Walton @waltgator93

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Daredevil #14

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Cover Art: Julian Totino Tedesco

Daredevil is not only of the best books on the market, but it also consistently has some of the best covers! Spread the word folks. Daredevil is the REAL deal!

Chosen by Dispatch @dispatchdcu and Thor’s mallet @acnbat

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