Doctor Doom #3 Review


Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Art: Salvador Larrocha, Guru-eFX, and VC’s Cory Petit
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 4th, 2019


Doom can’t really be dead, can he? He’d have no use for his own series if so. And with this being a comic book, anything is possible, so let’s find out how, and with the help of whom, Doom makes it back among the living.

As with the previous issues of this series, we begin by being given several pages of Doom’s “vision” for lack of better terms. A vision of the future, or of what he wishes he had become remain unclear. One thing that is clear is that no matter what version of Doom we get, he’s got a massive ego. Two pages of Doom slapping himself on the back telling everyone how great he is more than enough for me.

As Doom has been assassinated we then find him in Marvel’s version of hell and face to face with Mephisto! One-liners, verbal and literal jabs ensue.

Mephisto does what he does and offers Doom a deal that ties back to another deal that he made with Doom in the past concerning Valeria. While this does set up some very interesting conversation between Doom and Valeria, it’s basically a waste of time and quickly flushed down the crapper. I say this because we find that Mephisto isn’t the final say in terms of decision making in Marvel’s hell. And this is another example that you can’t judge a book by its cover!!

We get a slight interlude during all of this of Victorious showing how powerful she is!

Thus, Doom is back, which shouldn’t shock anyone. How Morgan Le Fay is in Queens and also Otherworld in the Excalibur book is a head-scratcher though!

Kang the Conqueror makes another appearance while Doom questions him about timelines and being killed in them. To be continued…

While the Mephisto/hell angle is new but not that unexpected, not much else has happened three issues in. Doom may be saying the right things, but the evil, selfish Doom is seeping through the cracks of all these supposed timelines.

The art and the colors, in particular, are a high point in the book. Guru-eFX is doing a superb job. Cory Petit does a great job too with the red lettering of Mephisto’s dialogue. Red lettering can be used and read! Too bad the same can’t be said for other books that use red lettering for dialogue (Batman Who Laughs)!!

Final Thoughts:

Many pages of the story went into Mephisto’s deal for Doom, all to then be thrown completely away. While this was a slight twist, I preferred Mephisto’s deal. I’m still invested enough to see where this goes, but I hope for some more plot development in issue four.


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