The Amazing Mary Jane #3 Review

Writer: Leah Williams
Art: Carlos Gomez, Lucas Werneck, Carlos Lopez, and VC’s Joe Caramagna.
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 11th, 2019

Let’s see if in issue three MJ actually gets a chance to be “Amazing” and not just a supporting character in what has been a Mysterio series!

The Savage Six are attacking the movie set!

The Savage Six wreak so much chaos and destruction that some people think it’s special effects done for the movie!

My main complaint in the first few issues of this series is that it seems more to be a Mysterio book with MJ as a supporting character. Will she actually do anything movie star worthy, or even enough to warrant having her series? Not really at all, unfortunately. It’s really disappointing honestly. MJ walks around in halter tops that are way too small, drives a truck, and makes a phone call to Peter to have some teleporters bring in some food to a new set location after the other set was destroyed. That’s it basically. The series continues to focus on Mysterio for some reason. We do get some new crew members to replace ones that quit after the Savage Six attack. They should be familiar to long-time Marvel fans. For those who are newer readers, like me, I had to head to Google. Again. What’s wrong with giving readers enough info that we don’t need to go to Google to find out about characters?

The art is by far the highlight of the issue for me. Carlos Gomez and Lucas Werneck do a spectacular job. There are various facial expressions that are done very well. Whether it’s surprise, fear, happiness, despair, or pure exhaustion, the facial expressions add a lot.

Final Thoughts:

The Amazing Mary Jane is all together anything but amazing thus far. Three issues in and MJ has done next to nothing. I’m beginning to think this series was done just to sell variant covers to collectors because the story is severely lacking when pertaining to the title character.


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