X-Force #14 Review

Writer: Ben Percy and Gerry Duggan

Art: Joshua Cassara, GURU- eFX, Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, Dustin Weaver, Edgar Delgado, and Juan Ferreyra


Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 18th, 2020

Well, that escalated quickly… is what everyone else who reads X-FORCE #14 by Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan will say before this issue comes to a close. As WOLVERINE ended with a score of Arakko 5 and Krakoa 2, this issue continues with the zany, almost preposterous games that make this tournament seem more comedic and frankly are beginning to make X OF SWORDS stagnant and rather silly.

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When last week began with MARAUDERS, this reviewer was already on the edge. I wanted some actual battles, showdowns, and sword fights. That said, I loved the hilarious take and subtle remarks that made MARAUDERS outstanding even without the melee or battle royale! However, towards the end of last week’s X OF SWORDS issues, the ridiculousness was starting to become about all I could take. Enter X-FORCE this week and I was a bit disappointed to see it continued with torture tap outs, puzzles, Boulder rolls, food contests, races, dance-offs, and even catwalks. At some point, this tournament was hell-bent on Krakoa (and possibly the world) being destroyed. Heck, the impression was that lives would be lost, blood would be shed, and mutants may never come back. Right now, it just seems like the MARIO PARTY fun is hitting an all-new level and it needs to stop.

Nevertheless, there were many positives to this issue. By far, the biggest moment that shines through is with Wolverine and the mirror. Readers, that was amazing and shows how well Percy gets the character. Additionally, the Magik and Storm fights were certainly highlights of the issue. Both were bloody brilliant and showed the true strength of these women while orchestrating a powerful performance by Duggan and Percy. If there was anything worth hanging your hat on with this issue, it would be the three things mentioned above that save this issue and event from dying of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Still, this event needs a shot of penicillin fast!


Readers, X OF SWORDS is losing steam quickly and I don’t even think Doc Brown’s super logs could even get this train moving at 88 mph. Now, as a stand-alone issue, it wasn’t that bad. It was humorous (enough), moved incredibly fast, was easy to follow, and even squeezed in two quick, graphic battles. Nonetheless, the X OF SWORDS event is wearing thin, becoming pointless, and even trivial. Is this tournament’s foundation and continued outrageousness turning into Saturnyne wanting to jump Captain Avalon’s bones? Is that the crux of this entire event? Readers, the weight and validity of this event is slipping away. Let’s hope that the last two issues this week change my mind.


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2 thoughts on “X-Force #14 Review

  1. Honestly, this whole event feels like a waste of time and it didn’t need to be. There’s a lot of great ideas here and these writers are just squandering it all to tell the X-Men version of Mario Party, as you said. but worse. It’s wasting characters who could’ve been cool and expand on the new paradigm, like Death and Redroot especially. Redroot is essentially Arakko’s equivalent to Cypher; she speaks for Arakko, is a mutant with botanical powers, and is more sullen and opposed to the violence.
    Why haven’t we had her or Cypher interact in the slightest, maybe even compare notes on the mutant islands or something? Because Tini Howard wanted him to marry Bei the Blood Moon, for some reason. All she’s done is act of character – in that same issue no less – win a foot race and get put in a bottle by Jim Jaspers. What a waste.


    1. No i hear ya. The attempt at humor is starting to come at the expense of the story. However, then a great issue comes two after. It’s literally one good issue a week with action and great story sprinkled in with two others that I just there to add fluff. Thanks for the read!!!!


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