The Hidden Key to HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X

Let’s start backward with HOUSE OF X #3. A key player was revealed by name in this issue. Nightcrawler teleports into the Mother Mold base surrounding the sun and finally announces one of the key players by name. This character has been right in front of the reader’s noses since POWERS OF X #1. For those of you who missed out, her name is Karima Shapandar. Karima is an Omega Prime Sentinel that’s actually a mix between human and Sentinel.

However, let’s flashback to POWERS OF X #1 where readers are introduced to Karima for the first time in the Year 100 storyline. She is working directly with Nimrod. Karima has been in the story since week 2 but was only finally revealed by name in HOUSE OF X #3 last week almost one month later.

Now, this reviewer knows what many will say; after POWERS OF X #3, Moira MacTaggert’s 9th life came to an end. Therefore, the Karima we see in HOUSE OF X #3 is a different timeline version of the Omega Sentinel. Well, this could be true. However, many readers are assuming that HOUSE OF X is taking place in Moira’s 10th life (myself included). Well, wait until you read HOUSE OF X #4 because that may change your mind!

Technically, Hickman did not directly come out and state which timeline the HOUSE OF X comic is in to my knowledge. Sure, we saw timelines where “House of X” was stated in Moira’s 10th life AND the book is called HOUSE OF X, but no where to my knowledge has it directly stated “Moira MacTaggert’s 10th Life” like it did at the end of POWERS OF X #3 referencing her 9th life coming to an end. To this reviewer, there are connections that don’t appear to be happenstance. Fans shouldn’t diminish Karima’s role in this entire X-Men relaunch landscape. She very well may be the important cog to Hickman’s relaunch.

For those unfamiliar with Karima’s backstory, she was created by another key player in this series so far, which just so happens to be Nimrod. Technically, Karima was created by Bastion, who was fused together between a Master Mold and Nimrod. Point is; every step of the way Karima has been in the overarching picture. She has been an important piece in the creation of these apocalyptic futures, was seen in the Year 100 future, and was created from Nimrod. But let me take this theory one step farther.

In POWERS OF X #3, Karima appears to be blown apart by the singularity/ black hole in Xorn’s head. Not only does Karima die but so does Moira by the end of the issue… gutted by Wolverine! My point is; what if Karima was actually teleported back to the past at the moment of Xorn’s explosion? What if his explosion created a wormhole through Xorn’s singularity that threw Karima back in time with the knowledge created from Nimrod. In turn, the process of creating Nimrod, Mother Mold, even Sentinels were fast forwarded. Maybe Xorn’s explosion happened at the same exact time as Moira’s death causing Karima to retain her knowledge at the restart? Or, maybe she was simply thrown forward in time to Year 1000? The possibilities are endless!

Take a look at Year 1000 for a second. There is a picture of a more feminine-looking character in the Year 1000 storyline who also appears to have “possible” Krakoan language on her cheek. Below is the Krakoan Alphabet.

Now, this reviewer can’t decipher the language on this future feminine-looking character’s cheek. Additionally, the series has already established that the Krakoan language is difficult for humans to translate. However, the purpose is to draw a connection to the Year 1000 storyline as well pointing out the sheer importance of Karima Shapandar, to the Krakoan language, and to this relaunch and event.

Fans need to understand that nothing Hickman writes is by accident. Every character, plot thread, and subtle twist was orchestrated with thought and preparation. Hickman isn’t swayed by popular opinion, conspiracy theories, fan negativity, or reviewer reactions. He tells a story, plans it months in advance, and sticks to his guns. If readers are searching for examples, just look at Hickman’s past practices and comics like SECRET WARS, FANTASTIC FOUR, and even Sabretooth from HOUSE OF X #3. A simple throw away moment from issue one with Sabretooth’s capture circles back in issue three with more clarity.

Readers, Karima is important to this story and the point of the article is to show that she may be just as important as Moira MacTaggert herself. Leave it to Hickman to zig while fans zag. Fans need to zig and look at Karima Shapandar. Hopefully, more will be revealed on this week’s HOUSE OF X #4. However, after already seeing the issue, this reviewer can tell you that fans will not be disappointed.

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