Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #4 Review

Written By: Seanan McGuire
Art By: Juan Frigeri
Cover By: Diego Rodriguez, Shane Davis, and Michelle Delecki
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 22, 2019

Well this run went from a day in a life of an actor (boring) to hiding his feeling for a coworker, to now finding possible child because she looks like him. All within three issues! Not surprised if this issue we get new information that makes the book go in a different direction! Hopefully that lackluster cliffhanger from last issue brings more to the table this week. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We open up this issue already in a fight between the two studios on the press tour. Maybe McGuire has been reading some of my reviews because I have said before I am a fan of great comic book fight scenes. Unfortunately the scene wasn’t that great, only got interesting when Kurt joined in to due to fact everyone thought it was all part of the show. We saw some awesome moves to show us that Nightcrawler is a beast when fighting. The art looks fantastic but when the art looks this good, it’s easy to point out panels that don’t look as good in which they’re some. His attention comes to a halt when he sees Tania and Mystique in the crowd.

Backstage Kurt tries to get to the bottom of it but then someone tells him that Meggan is missing then either Irma or Celeste tells him that she isn’t then telling him they could help but no. Which at this point this whole scene is very confusing with the dialogue. Kurt heads out but Celeste joins him to say that she wants to help. In which she tells a story about how when they filmed something and left Irma in the office, mentally it harms then and they can hear their sister’s scream in their head and family is important.

She takes Kurt’s hand and locates Tania to only teleport to what seems to be a warehouse in which they spot both Meggan and Tania. At this point I am confused on what is happening. Meggan tells Kurt that she woke up he, now I am intrigued up until she gets headaches and transforms into Mystique. Mystique informs Kurt that he used to align with her until they did re-education on him to make him forget who he came from. Celeste then goes to say Mystique is actually Meggan. Her powers can show her image differently to whoever she would like. As well as this is a constant cycle with Kurt with falling for someone. Kurt is about to stop Celeste when everyone comes barging in who likes mind controlled/ on her side.

Final Thoughts:

Well amazing art! Can’t really say much positive about it. It’s such a shame that Frigeri art isn’t getting paired with someone stronger of a writer than McGuire. Only last few pages of this issue progressed and the reveal came true to who is the villain of this mini. Each issue felt like the plot of the overall story is different, and this issue isn’t different. Some of the reveals felt completely out of left field. Too much information all at the end plus confusing information, feels like they were rushing in some parts.


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