Silver Surfer Black #3 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Tradd Moore, Dave Stewart, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 14th, 2019

The Silver Surfer and Ego, the living planet, both need each other. Read on to find out why!

Issue 3 of this mini-series opens with 7 pages of Norrin recounting a conversation with his true love Shalla-Bal, and the events that led to Norrin becoming the Silver Surfer. Donny Cates does a masterful job of giving enough back story in these 7 pages to give new fans more than enough info to not feel lost when reading about the Surfer.

We then have some pleasant and cordial conversation between the Surfer and Ego. The Surfer has been badly injured, and is coming undone.

Ego begins acting strangely. I guess as strangely as a planet can “act”. Ego blows it off as growing pains, as we are billions of years in the past and Ego is a young planet. The Surfer wants Ego’s help to defeat Knull, and to also heal him. Ego has more “growing” pains and reveals that he has some major problems as a result of a meteorite crashing into him. The Surfer says he can fix Ego, and asks for his help in return.

We then see the Surfer fly into the center of the planet and finally emerge at Ego’s core to find the source of Ego’s “growing” pains. Believe me, the last page is a SHOCKER you won’t want to miss.

This issue must be seen to be believed! Tradd Moore can draw a cosmic comic like no other! His take on space and the Surfer’s journey in his attempt to save Ego are a sight to behold. If you like cosmic comics, you won’t be disappointed!!

Cates takes great care in showing what type of hero the Surfer is by having him ask permission to land even though he’d been badly injured. Not a huge deal at all, but little stuff like that add a huge amount to the character in my book.

This is a great issue of two beings that need each other’s help, and the lengths that the Surfer will go to to help Ego. I’m sure there’s some selfishness involved on the Surfers part, but he has no other choice I think at this point.

With all that has happened with Knull in the first two issues, I was as shocked as I ever have been by the last page. Now that I’ve read it a few times, and the shock factor has worn off, it makes perfect sense. I just didn’t expect it at all.

Final Thoughts:

Donny Cates and company have outdone themselves yet again as each issue gets better and better! They continue to build the Surfer’s mythology while giving a shocker of an ending.


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