Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Art: Javi Garrón, David Curiel, VC’s Cory Petit, and Patrick O’Keefe

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 14th, 2019

Well, this series started out really great, but so far, this story arc hasn’t done much to really impress me.  I am quite curious about this new character, though, and would love to know more about him. But with Miles’ family and friends in danger, will we get enough time for that snd more importantly, how will Miles get out of this? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue begins with Miles’ parents in the kitchen having a feeling that something terrible has happened to their som.  It is a good start and really, their reasoning is pretty solid and I am glad it’s not just forced in out of nowhere to move the plot forward.  That’s probably the best thing about this series overall, Saladin Ahmed has a really good grasp on the characters, but more importantly, gives it all a strong family vibe that elevates everything in the book.

The next part surprised me quite a bit, even though it felt pretty obvious when I thought more about it. They get a visit from Uncle Aaron, who informs them about the talk he had with Miles before his disappearance.  We all knew this had to happen eventually, right?

While the story starys off pretty good, the art threw me off immediatley.  It may just be s style thing for me, but the lack of detail, especially in the faces, did bring my score down a little.  Luckily, Ahmed’s writing makes up for that a bit.

Aaron and Jeff (Miles’ dad), decide to find Miles together and at first, that didn’t look like a team-up that would “wow” me, but I was definitely “wowed”! They meet up with a weapons dealer that Aaron knows and she is definatley someone who I want to see more of in this book.  It does feel like Ahmed has plans for her  in the future!

Speaking of thing I want in the future…give me some Prowler action!  Aaron talking about putting the suit back on just isn’t enough!

While the art still keeps throwing me off, the dialogue between Aaron and Jeff is awesome and I hope we continue getting these two together.

The issue ends with a rescue and an attempted escape.  Miles lookes pretty messed up and we do get a name for the Big Bad.  My biggest problem with the ending is that Ahmed really built up his villain only to have him thwarted a bit too easily.

Final Thoughts:

This issue definitely was a hard one to review since I really loked the story, but kept stumbling with the art.  However, the dialogue was great and the action scenes did have me pumped.  Overall, I would recommend it


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