Marvel Comics Best Covers of the Week for August 14th, 2019

Fantastic Four #13

Writer: Dan Slott

Cover artist: Esad Ribic

What’s better than the Thing punching the Hulk? A cover that looks like he’s punching out YOU! It’s such a cool cover by Esad Ribic, but is that any bit of a surprise?

chosen by: Dispatchdcu

Read the Review of the Issue HERE

Silver Surfer Black #3

Writer: Donny Cates

Cover artist: Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro

This is such a trippy cover by Tradd Moore only made more so by Felipe Sobreiro. It has a classic Allred feel and I think my younger self would have dug it as a black light poster!

Chosen by: Pauly P

Read the review of the issue HERE

Doctor Strange #17

Writer: Mark Waid

Cover artist: Jesus Saiz

The colors pop in this cover, but it also gets you fired up to see what’s going on inside…and isn’t that what a cover should do?

Chosen by: Thor’s Mallet

Read the review for the Issue HERE

Punisher Kill Krew #1

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Cover artist: Tony Moore and Dean White

Tony Moore’s cover kicks total ass…because the Punisher is…kicking total ass! Deam White joins in for a cover that can’t even contain the scene going on on it! It almost seems like the cover will burn your hands if you even try touching it! (It won’t burn your hands and you should grab it now!)

Chosen by: @weirdsciencemarvel and @Chefhigh

Read the review for the issue HERE

All these and more out this week at your Local Comic Shops! Go check them out as well as our awesome reviews at Weird Science Marvel Comics.

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