Amazing Spider-Man #27 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Kev Walker
Colors: Laura Martin
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Release Date August 14 2019

The Sinister Syn…forgive me, the Syndicate have come for Boomerang, but Spider-Man’s not letting the ladies lay a limb on him without a good ol’ fashion heroes/villains throwdown.

This issue is a pretty focused fight issue, comparatively better than the preceding one. Its a good thing Fred chose to help out at the F.E.A.S.T. Center in full Boomerang costume, because the Beetle and her gang show up to square off. Spencer’s style of humor plays a lot better in this issue. While there was nothing particularly laugh-out-loud worthy, I enjoyed a lot of the comedic bits with Boomerang. At first, he’s pretty oblivious to the fact that these ladies are here for his head. He even greets Beetle with a hug. When trying to understand why most of them want to beat him down, we’re treated to a flashback of him hitting on each of them at a bar. Its typical Spencer-writing-Boomerang, which is a strength. If anything, he knows how to keep Fred entertaining. You just want to like the guy. Thankfully, this time around Spider-Man actually gets more spotlight in his own book. Ultimately, we have ourselves a Spider-Man/Boomerang team-up issue.

The Syndicate is written more seriously than in the previous issue. Sure, there’s still silliness between the group, but it works here. It wasn’t jarring, and it didn’t get in the way. It is a bit of a stretch of the imagination to think Spidey would have a hard time against these villains. We’ve seen Spider-Man take one teams of his higher grade badguys, while this lot is made up of some of his lower tier villains. It’s the fumbling of Boomerang, coupled with the Syndicate’s coordination, that wins the battle for the villains. Near the end of the book, we see that Spencer is tying in his Wilson Fisk plot with the Syndicate, so its nice to know that Spencer may be condensing some of his plots together. As of late, he’s been juggling a few arcs around, so I’m glad he’s bringing these two together at least.

Final Thoughts

An improvement over last issue, although Spencer just can’t seem to help himself but to give the spotlight to his toys, as this arc still feels like its being carried by Boomerang and the Syndicate (effectively the “new” Superior Foes). But Spider-Man isn’t side-lined for most of this issue, and actually gets to be involved in his own book, thankfully, making up for the previous installment. A fun little issue, but Boomerang upstaging Spider-Man in his own book as of late might be off-putting to some.


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