Marvel Team-Up #3 Review

Writer: Eve L. Ewing
Art: Joey Vasquez with Moy R.
Colour Artist: Felipe Sobreiro
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 5, 2019

The Jackal just wouldn’t be the Jackal if he wasn’t up to some good ol’ cloning hi-jinks. We pick up the story in Manhattan, after Kamala Khan (AKA Ms Marvel) and Peter Parker attend a science fair… as well as getting hit with some science knowledge, they got hit with Keynote speaker Dr. Rosario’s “Polyphasic Remote Neural Net Dual Transponder”, or helpfully “Polly” for short when she detonated it to keep it from the Jackal. The blast caused Spidey and Ms Marvel to switch bodies, and as we pick up the action, their only hope to switch back permanently lies with Dr. Rosario, and they can’t find her!

Will they be able to switch back, or is their Friday about to stay freaky? Let’s jump in and see. 
Spoiler Alert!

Seven Hundred Thousand Emails? Remarkably Accurate

After meeting up on a New York Rooftop and commiserating over being stuck in each others bodies, Peter and Kamala (thanks to Spidey sense) track down the Jackal, holding Dr. Rosario hostage. The Jackal is up to some cloning shenanigans, using Dr. Rosario’s data to make clones with someone else’s consciousness. After some quips and a giant fist they beat down the Jackal and plead their case to Dr. Rosario to try her best to switch them back. It works! Everything seems fine with Peter and Kamala, but the Dr. is left with a seemingly elongated hand. 

Let’s hope Aunt May doesn’t hear about how much Peter likes someone ELSE’S cooking!

This book was the quickest, most straightforward book i’ve picked up in a long time. No end of the world, no “If they don’t succeed, the multiverse may very well fall!” hyperbole. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and remembers that sometimes Comic Books are supposed to be fun! It’s just a fun little story that doesn’t matter too much. We all know they wouldn’t be trapped in each others bodies forever, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining, right?

Final Thoughts:

I’m not familiar with any of this creative team, but the art really stands out. A great mix of cartoony meets realistic. This book would make the perfect palate cleanser between two heavier books or a nice way to whittle away 15 minutes.


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