Meet the Skrulls #5 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Cover: Marcos Martin
Release Date: June 5, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Here it is! With that ending twist last issue, Ivy is finally reunited with her family and when Carl was alone meeting with their handler, Moloth, he was shot and betrayed by him. Before this story, I had little to no reading material on Skrulls, no really hope this means the start of seeing some more of them. Did the conclusion of this great mini-series, match up to what we have been getting? Or did the ending fall flat? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue starts off like it has been, a flash back. This flash back we see the Werner family after they bought their home as the daughters are watching, none other than butterflies fly south, as the whole family moves in their new safe home… Back to the present, we see the house caught on fire. Alice, Ivy, Madison, and the mom are in the car getting rid of their old home as they head to their safe house. With no communication from Carl, Alice gets worried and sneaks off to find him by going as a butterfly. Alice has really grown as a character and is totally forming into a great character.

In order to find her father, Alice headed to Andrea’s place to tell her everything. She spilled the beans on the whole operation and what her objective was. Andrea agrees to help, probably out of the whole run, this part felt tad bit odd. Just learned that a classmate is a Skrull and she tried to ruin your relationship with your boyfriend, but you still agree to help. Would have preferred if they somehow found a way to bond.

Back with the family, they arrived at their safe house to find Alice missing and to see Carl inside waiting for them. At this point, can’t tell if it was Moloth dressed as Carl or Carl made a shocking return. Especially when the dad tells the family that Moloth betrayed them. But we soon learn that it is indeed Moloth as he goes one by one to taser Ivy and Madison. Luckily the mom could tell the difference and they started to brawl.

Meanwhile, Alice, now dressed as Andrea’s mom, visit’s last known location of where the dad was. With Tony Stark in the background going off about how they could have let Skrulls infiltrate his business. Alice heads to a van to spot her dad dead.

As Moloth and the mom fight, Madison joins the fight but that wasn’t good enough because Moloth was still able to overpower them. Thankfully Alice came to the rescue, as she drives a van through their safe house and kills Moloth.

Later that next day, Tony reemerges and is furious again that the dead Skrull is gone, the burned down house was full of them, and they even worked for him. He makes a remark about maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. should come back, in which at least we know that this is full in continuity. The family decided to stay hidden and be on their own as they search for whoever Moloth was working for.

Final Thoughts:

I will give this book credit, before I started reading this run, could careless about Skrulls. Now I will admit now I am looking forward to next time we see a Skrull, mainly Alice. The issue isn’t too complicated, mainly just straight to the point. And the art really works well with the book. Book was good amount of action as well!


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