Age Of X-Man: Prisoner X #4 Review

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: German Peralta, Mike Spicer, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Release Date: June 5, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Out of all the Age of X-Man books, this one is best one. Though that isn’t saying much when the other five books have been awful. I thought that down the road all these books would intertwine but looks like these could all be stand alone minis. All throughout the books we get to know where X-Man put all of the mutants he was fighting, and now we know where he put Legion, in jail. But can jail hold him? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We open up the book with Forge and Bishop having a conversation about what Forge hopes to accomplish. Now with Forge being the Warden, you would have thought that he built some cool technology around the prison. We have yet to see any and he just opened up the door with a key. The art is very good during this scene. Can actually see Forge being sorry for what has been happening. But he can’t be ashamed of what he is doing, and then let’s Bishop go.

Bishop then heads to the yard to ask around about memories. We see the mutants that he asks as well as a memory of something they did in the real world. But then out of no where, we get a panel with “HAHAHAHA” written big. After last issue, we know who that laugh comes from, Legion.

We then see Dani trying to get information out of Lorna about the prison, as well as what happened before. When she got out of her collar and let go of her powers. Lorna has been only one to remember the events every time, time was altered. As we learned from a previous Age of X-Man book, some mutants their powers help them not forget the past. Being how this is first time someone besides Lorna remembers, they begin to think about what is truly happening.

Days later, Bishop enters the lunch room and we see some mutants signal to him, that they are good to go. Which feels like we just missed something big. Everyone who he talked to, seems like was in on the plan, which if Legion can hear everything going on, does he know about the plan?

Beast and Bishop brawl to try and get the guards to come out. In doing so other mutants were bring attacked who didn’t do anything. Now with the guards out, the inmates revolt and surround them. Forge sees all this and tries to help the inmates, but Legion warns him that their higher up wouldn’t like that. Forge turn felt odd because at start of the book, he was all for it, and now he just changes his mind. Still Forge wouldn’t listen and Legion attacks him. Fighting back, Forge remotely removes the collar off of everyone.

With everyone’s collars off, they somehow receive their memories again. Which felt completely off. As they now attack the guards it is revealed that the guards are just robots. Which I can only assume was built by Forge, glad we see he isn’t just Warden, without his using powers for his favor. We also see Lorna’s collar didn’t come off. Wish they told us why. Thankfully Dani, took the keys to unlock Lorna’s collar, which she let her power loose as a giant fight begins with the inmates against the guards with Legion laughing and watching from above.

Final Thoughts:

With this being the penultimate issue, I have one thing I want to answer next issue… who is their benefactor? Can’t be X-man, due to fact Legion and X-man were fighting each other back in real world. Some things felt out of place and just there. The art overall did really good job at painting us a story. Every scene, besides the scene with Dani and Lorna talking about what happened before, could have just read the scene by the art and not the dialogue.


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