Black Widow #5 Review

Writer: Jen & Sylvia Soska

Art Team: Flaviano, Veronica Gandini, VC’s Joe Caramagna

Release Date: May 15, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

This Black Widow mini-series has really grabbed my attention, with the Soska Sisters turning a character I normally don’t pay much attention to, into one I look forward to following in the future, maybe I’ll even check out past stories from Natasha’s history if I manage to weasel out a little free time sooner or later. Anyway, this is the finale to the run I have enjoyed immensely, so lets not waste any more time and start discussing what goes down here in issue five.

The issue begins with Tech Ed gathering his belongings, thinking he’s gotten rid of his problems, heading off to celebrate with his riches, and start this N.R.P. nonsense all over again elsewhere. Although Ed successfully took down the Prince with his surprise attack, the Black Widow and Tiger are still standing. From there it’s quickly off to the races for Black Widow, as she gets the idea with Ed cleaning up all his lose ends, the children she saved previously may be next.  The issue picks up directly where we left off from issue four and gets right into the action, while also moving the story forward. I just find it a breath of fresh air how the Soska Sisters handle the pacing of this title.  So many books spend precious page space recapping last issues events, I just appreciate they trust the readers to remember things on their own, its something that needs to happen more in comics.

Thankfully Black Widow arrives at the Princess Bar just in time to prevent the place from going KABOOM, de-arming the explosives in the place, then continuing her mission of tracking down Tech Ed, the giant scumbag behind this entire situation she’s been dealing with.  Just off the coast of Madripoor, on his yacht, Black Widow is able to get her revenge, as well as any funds Ed was able to accumulate while in power.  Holding nothing back Black Widow takes the sniveling coward down as the story begins its conclusion.  While there wasn’t that twist or swerve the Soska Sisters have pulled out of their bag of tricks this time, the resolution to the main story we’ve dealt with was none the less satisfying, the entire scene was handled well, bringing the story to a satisfactory resolution.

Back at the bar once again, Black Widow see’s her actions have inspired the youth she saved to not be victims again, with a club being established to their benefit.  Natasha also has a special moment, that spoiler alert might just bring a tear to your eye, with the little girl from last issue without her arms.  It’s a great way to wrap up the arc for the most part, until there is one last surprise that is equally as satisfying I wont spoil here to close out the mini-series. Hint: it’s a wraparound moment that began this series I think most people will find touching.

The art had a unique style that I thought paired with the series tone and if the Soska Sisters ever get another go soon at Marvel, with a similar type of story or even the same character, I would love for this creative team to get another crack with them because they worked very well together.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Black Widow mini-series, headed by the Soska Sisters, was another one of the Marvel mini-series of late that has really really impressed me, while also introducing me better to characters I don’t know all that well.  There’s something with the shorter form stories, that the publisher is putting out that have really grabbed my attention, what with their tight pacing, and entertainingly told messages of a wide variety.  Coupled with strong art throughout the entirety of the book, the Black Widow concludes in fantastic fashion, with the combination of violence, action, and a whole bunch of heart you’ve come to expect from this title. This is something I highly recommend.


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