Black Widow #1 Review

Written by: Jen and Sylvia Soska
Art by: Flaviano, Veronica Gandini, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 16, 2019

I was very interested in seeing what Marvel had in store for Black Widow. I mean, she was killed by evil Cap, cloned with implanted memories by the Red Room and so I guess everything from there is gravy, right? So, let’s see if it’s tasty gravy right after I go and… I think you know I’m off to eat something with gravy!

The book opens in New York City on New Year’s Eve. You know there are parties galore and we head right to one with Steve Rodgers. All dressed up and nobody to blow…up just yet. It looks like an Avengers ID can get you in some fancy stuff nowadays and even if people still “hate his face”, Cap meets up with Natasha and heads off to par-tay. We then get some extended action/fight/fun scenes with doppelgangers, robots, and assassins (oh my!) which ends in some real fireworks. I mean that…remember it’s New Year’s Eve.

While that would normally be enough, the second half of the issue has Black Widow heading off to Madripor to unleash the beast. There are some cool Wolverine references as Natasha flaunts her stuff, fights some dudes and meets up with Tyger Tiger. It all leads to Black Widow being a loaded weapon that is pointed at some real disgusting pieces of shit. Pieces of shit that show up for the cliffhanger and I’m pretty sure most readers will want to reach into the comic and slice their throats themselves. You can do that, right?!? It’s 2019…we really should be able to do that by now!

I was skeptical when this book was announced. I am not the biggest Black WIdow fan and I was really worried we would get more Red Room flashbacks and spy vs spy stuff, but this is not that. This is fun…horrible fun, but fun all the same. It all really picks up in the second half here and I hope the rest of the series has that feel. The Soska Sisters can color me impressed.

Flaviano’s art is really good as well. It’s cartoony at times and while that might seem strange after what I’ve described, it strangely works here. It’s got a fast and loose feel that works well for an action-packed character like Black Widow.

Final Thoughts:

Black Widow wasn’t a book on my radar…until I read this first issue. The Soska Sisters show they know the character and have convinced me I want to know more about her as well. Flaviano’s art keeps things quick and cool looking and I can easily recommend this issue to anyone with even a passing interest in Natasha Romanoff and her seedy lifestyle.


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