Black Widow #2 Review

Written by: Jen & Sylvia Soska
Art by: Flaviano, Veronica Gandini, and VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 20, 2019

I was so pleasantly surprised by the first issue of Black Widow that it made my own personal “books to watch” list in my head. Yea, it’s odd to have that sort of thing floating around in my noggin, but there is so much empty space up there that I have to fill it with something. Not only did the Soska Sisters impress me with their script, but made it very obvious that they either are big fans of Marvel Comics or made the effort to read a ton of stuff…or both. Throw on top of the big and brutal action of the second half of the first issue and I was eager to see what was next. I may not have been prepared for what we get in this issue! What do I mean by that? Let’s find out…

This issue is over the top brutal! I am warning you now, there are things in this issue that you may not be able to get out of your mind for a bit. It’s so bloody and brutal…and I loved it! The Soska’s make sure to frame all the violence and revenge with the worst of the worst in villains. Nazis are always a good go-to villain when it comes to pieces of shit that can be killed with no quarter, but pimp looking pedophiles who maim and murder women and children for the fun of it? Yea, I think there is a line forming in hell right now for these guys and maybe hell is too good for them!

Like any good revenge horror story, some of the “fun” of it all is seeing the unique kills and this is where you can tell the Soska Sisters know their trade. Comic writers might not get this graphic, but the Soska Sisters don’t hold back. One guy gets very familiar with a pool stick and I never want to see that again!

The overall story itself is just revenge. Revenge and blowing off steam. Black Widow is in Madripor with a few days to kill and she has found the perfect target to get her groove on. No muss, no fuss! Actually, there is a whole lot of muss! Through all of this, Flaviano’s cartoony art is the type of juxtaposition that we have seen with Singing in the Rain and I loved it.

My only real complaint is that after reading this issue, I think I have had my fill with “No Restraints Play”. I am not sure, but the phrase may have unlocked a sleeper cell somewhere and if it didn’t, it wasn’t from lack of trying. Seriously, that phrase is said so many times and while it is important to the story, the overuse becomes a bit comical.

Other than that, I like this issue a lot. It’s not a “nice” issue and by the end, it isn’t even a “fun” issue, but it is a Black Widow issue with some cool guest stars and an exciting cliffhanger that gets me excited for next issue.

Final Thoughts:

This over the top violent issue may not be for everyone, but if you’re not the squeamish type, this tale of revenge might be for you. Even though this is not my normal cup of meat, I am having a good time…something that disturbs me just a little.


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