Rescue 2020 #2 Review

Rescue 2020 #2 Review: Outside from 2019’s Avengers Endgame, are Pepper Potts fans really yearning for a Rescue book? Or did Marvel just think they could ride off of the old flames of the MCU debut of the Iron Heroine? Check out the Rescue 2020 #2 Review HERE! Continue reading Rescue 2020 #2 Review

Ghost-Spider #10 Review

Ghost-Spider #10 Review: Gwen is given an ultimatum and seems to have given up something very important to her, with her self proclaimed promise to get it back we conclude this story with no real outline of where Ghost-Spider or this title series is going from here. Check out the Ghost-Spider #10 Review HERE! Continue reading Ghost-Spider #10 Review

Force Works 2020 #1 Review

I have no idea what to expect when I open this book. I don’t pay attention to Marvel solicits, there is just too many books to keep up with sometimes. I will say the cover immediately brings a smile to my face with U.S. Agent, Mocking Bird, Quake, and War Machine emblazoned across the cover, sign me up. In regards to the roll they all … Continue reading Force Works 2020 #1 Review

Marvel’s Future Arrives in Marvel 2020 Variant Covers

In just a few short months, 2020 will be upon us and readers will enter the new year with an event that’s been decades in the making: IRON MAN 2020! To celebrate this landmark story and to bring in the new year in the grand Marvel way, the industry’s best artists have crafted spectacular 2020 Variant covers, reimagining your favorite Marvel character for the not so distant future! Continue reading Marvel’s Future Arrives in Marvel 2020 Variant Covers