Falcon and Winter Soldier #1 Review

Writer: Derek Landy

Artist: Federico Vicentini

Colorist: Matt Milla

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Release Date: February 26th, 2020

Price: $3.99

Just in time for it’s Disney+ counterpart, Falcon & Winter Soldier are teaming up after Bucky is attacked by an unidentified organization. Sam will go by the books, but is Bucky willing to play ball?

So I have to be honest, nothing attracted me more to this book than Dan Mora’s amazing cover art. Simply beautiful, and a little disappointing that he was on not on the interior (not saying that Federico Vicentini didn’t do an excellent, because he did). I’m not familiar with Derek Landy’s work but this issue was a good read. Great opening scene, and very informative. As someone who has just recently jumped back into Marvel, I wasn’t familiar with Marvel’s timeline of events before the “Fresh Start” so Secret Empire is lost on me. But Landy was able to tell me Bucky’s involvement in a quick and non-drawn out way.

Matt Milla is everywhere this week and I absolutely love it. His pallet here compared to his work in Fantastic Four Grimm Night which was also released today, shows how much range he has as a colorist. Vincentini work on the opening scene (as seen above and below) was great, there’s a lot happening in a short amount of time, but it’s put together in a way that it’s easy to follow. How in the world is Bucky a cat person?

Landy’s seller for me on this title will 100% be the relationship between Bucky and Sam moving forward. These two, other than both being Captain America, almost have nothing in common and are polar opposites when it comes to achieving one’s goals or completing a mission. We don’t see the two necessarily bump heads here in this first issue, but I fully expect it to happen, and more often than not. Their paths meet in an unlikely of places but both have aligning missions, thus creates the team-up. A little convenient, but I can only assume things end up working out well considering the two are teaming up in outside books as well (see Hawkeye Freefall #1).

Final Thoughts:

Derek Landy is in control of two of the biggest stars of Marvel currently. If done well this can be an on-going series I’m ready to buckle in for. These two characters can’t, unfortunately, seem to get a break on their own for a story, so it’s nice to see a Marvel Team-Up that I’m actually excited about. And also, can Dan Mora please get an annual issue out of all this?


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