Falcon & Winter Soldier #2 Review

Written by Derek Landy

Art by Federico Vicentini

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna

Covers by Dan Mora & David Curiel, Paco Medina & Jesus Aburtov

Release Date: March 25th, 2020

Price: $3.99

Both Sam and Bucky used to be Captain America, now they are Falcon and Winter Soldier. One upholds the values of everything Captain America should embody, and the other one not so much. And that is drilled into the readers head a little too much, along with a lot of nonsense before finding out where this series is heading.

If Marvel ever wanted a Lethal Weapon comic, I think they found it. Give Bucky a little fluff to his hair and BOOM! Mel Gibson is a Marvel Superhero. Throughout the issue from page one until the end it’s good cop bad cop. This mentality clearly shows the morals of these characters, but unfortunately makes them one dimensional. Bucky, the shoot first ask questions later guy, and Sam, the ask questions, get beat up, ask more questions guy. The one dimensional aspect does not help when Derek Landy also decides to use eight pages for complete fluff. No internal narration or dialogue to build characters. The art by Federico Vicentini is great throughout the issue, and Derek Landy really lets Federico Vicentini tell majority of this story midway through the issue.

Landy’s choice to make Baron Zemo’s protege (*spoiler*) is a very interesting turn of events. The execution on that reveal was good. The conversation that took place in order to attempt to move the story forward into the next issue and push the narrative through the series just didn’t hit the mark. The conversation dragged on, and went in circles. This can easily be seen as something a villain would do to mess with a hero or a team of hero’s but with every panel it felt like I was continuing to look at the page count wondering when the conversation would be over.

Federico Vicentini and Matt Milla did a great job in this issue. Although, as previously said, it was disappointing to see so much action with very little to no context or story building in the middle of it. Vincentini and Milla did a swell job with the amount of action happening in every large panel, and even attention to detail in small panels. I do have to hand it to Landy for pulling off a great sixteen panel page in the middle of this action packed issue. Milla’s background choice really helped each moment pop.

Final Thoughts: This title hasn’t fully grasped me yet. It has really great characters, a really fun creative team. It just hasn’t clicked. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have gone through a lot, in and out of the Captain America suit. They shouldn’t be as one dimensional as they currently are, but the story is still getting started. And I fully expect by the end of this title, Sam Wilson will say, “I’m getting too old for this @#$%” it’s only a matter of time.


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