Force Works 2020 #1 Review

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art: Juanan Ramirez, Federico Blee, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Dean White, and Carlos E. Gomez

Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 26th, 2020

I have no idea what to expect when I open this book. I don’t pay attention to Marvel solicits, there is just too many books to keep up with sometimes. I will say the cover immediately brings a smile to my face with U.S. Agent, Mocking Bird, Quake, and War Machine emblazoned across the cover, sign me up. In regards to the roll they all will be playing in this 2020 story I have no clue. Won’t you join me to see if this mini series of Force Works is worth it or just forced to work.

Something isn’t right in South America. On the Island of Lingares we see some Spanish soldiers vaporized.

We then jump to East Brunswick, New Jersey where we see the most violent robot army to day. Up to this point the robot army has been pretty passive aggressive. They were mainly concerned about freeing other robots but this group seems more terroristic in nature.

Force Works seems to be assemble specifically for fighting against the robot liberation army and for this Rosenberg has had to ramp up the tension. The government isn’t going to send in a tactical team to take out some robot deserters. Now the robots have guns, bombs, and no mercy. Where as the robot army in the Iron Man book had been jumping to the 13th floor hiding from Arno Stark with minimal harm caused to humans. It’s to me still felt like a isolated story affecting only Iron Man.

Unfortunately for War Machine he is still going through a bit of crisis of consciousness and because of that he goes easy on a couple robots. Those robots detonate a bomb that gets one of his team mates injured. Good thing it has nothing to do with the team we saw in the cover. It was just Gauntlet that was injured and Solo left to complete a bad joke.

It looks like Maria Hill has finally landed a new job as head of Force Works. She strolls in three hours after the bomb went off to talk some shit to Rhoades and to send him off on a new mission.

We get another three hour time jump and then we are back over the island of Lingares, South America. Maria Hill is having a conversation with Quake while US Agent flies the super sonic jet. The jet is shot down allowing our team to drop into this comic with an action sequence.

Unfortunately, for this team of heroes it seems the bomb that was dropped on this island at the beginning of this story has Death on Lock.

Final Thoughts:

The art and colors are quality, the best part of this title, in my opinion. The story has, as of yet, not justified the purpose for this title. I really like all the characters in this title and I find the cliffhanger intriguing enough to read issue two, but I can’t at this point encourage anyone to buy this comic. It just feels to much like padding to extend the Iron Man 2020 Event out farther than it should be.

7 / 10

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